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Regenexx-ACL procedure Featured on Ski Web-site…

Regenexx-ACL Hits The Slopes We’ve treated many knee ACL tears without surgery using our own unique protocol of stem cell injections, the Regenexx-ACL Procedure. We developed the technique and have submitted research publications showing positive objective changes in the torn ligament. We also continue to improve this game changing procedure. Today, the on-line snow sports…read more

Avoid Knee ACL Surgery: Helping Another College Player

This past few years the evidence that knee ACL surgery is needed for torn ligaments has continued to erode. In the meantime, the concept that a knee ACL tear may be able to be helped with an injection of the patient’s own stem cells has been pioneered by our research group. Here I highlight another college…read more

ACL Tear Treatment: Helping a College Football Player Avoid Surgery

Brendan Tow is a college football player that I’ve known since he was a kid. He was excited to get a college football scholarship several years ago, but that elation was soon cut short by his first and then second ACL injuries. We’ve been able to help Brendan through two bouts of ACL tear treatment,…read more

An Open Letter to Dr. Oz on Stem Cells for Knee ACL Injuries…

Dr. Oz on Knee ACL Stem Cell Treatments… We like Dr. Oz. He’s a master at educating patients, which strikes near and dear to my heart as someone who also believes that educating patients is the key to helping them recover. However, he recently published a newspaper column where a mother asked about the use…read more

New Study Questions ACL Surgery Effectiveness…

In our modern society, it almost seems that ACL knee surgery is a rite of passage for many athletes. It seems like many professional athletes that serve as role models have had an ACL repair. Yet is the surgery all that effective? Research in the past has questioned whether getting the ACL repaired was any…read more

Regenexx-ACL Procedure Featured on The Ski Channel

We’re proud to announce our innovative Regenexx-ACL procedure  featured on the Ski Channel this month. While the ski season is over, this is likely a great time to get a banged up ACL treated!

Hamstring ACL Surgery Complications: Problems in the Hamstring after Surgery

Are there hamstring ACL surgery complications you should know about? I recently blogged on research that showed that using your own tendon resulted in fewer ACL reconstruction surgery failures than using a donor ACL. Many of those ACL tendon grafts are taken from the hamstring tendon of the patient. The particular area that they usually come…read more

Knee ACL Surgery Graft Choices: Someone Else’s ACL has Three Times the Failure Rate!

What are the right knee ACL surgery graft choices? For example, do you use someone else’s tissue (allograft) or your own tendon refashioned as an ACL ligament (autograft). Is there a difference? Based on a recent long-term study of ACL allografts versus autografts, the answer seems to be a resounding, “Yes”. First, a knee ACL…read more
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