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ACL Surgery Arthritis: 2/3rds of Teens Who Get ACL Surgery will Get Arthritis by Age 30

It seems like a right of passage. A young athlete blows out a knee ACL ligament and that event turns into a surgery to replace the ligament. However, what about ACL surgery arthritis? In other words, does operating on the ACL cause arthritis? After years of treating patients in their twenties and thirties with severely…
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ACL Surgery Options: A College Football Player Decides to Go Non-surgical and Uses His Own Stem Cells

Are there effective ACL surgery options that are much less invasive? Can you ditch the ACL surgery altogether? BT is a college football player who injured his left ACL two years ago and unlike the other guys on his team, decided to go non-surgical. They all had their ACLs ripped out and replaced surgically, with grafts that…
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Regenexx-ACL Procedure Featured in Outside Magazine

The Regenexx-ACL Procedure, our groundbreaking  treatment for knee ACL tears using precise injections of the patient’s own stem cells was just featured in Outside Magazine. It’s a well-balanced piece of journalism for a new technology. As you may have guessed, Orthopedic surgeons are quite skeptical that they may have to give up 70-80% of ACL…
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More Regenexx Reviews: One Patient’s Reminder of the Help She Got from the Regenexx-ACL Stem Cell Procedure

A reader asked for more Regenexx reviews and fewer big data downloads. While I love highlighting individual Regenexx reviews and patient outcomes, I also recognize that we’re some of the only providers who transparently publish the data from the hundreds and thousands of patients that we treat. However, this one was so special, I really…
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ACL Surgery Healing without The Surgery!

A 16 soccer phenom injures her ACL and an MRI shows that it’s shredded. If she gets her knee ACL removed and a new ACL surgically installed, the research says that she’ll likely have significant arthritis by the time she’s 30. In addition, 2/3’rds of patients who have the ACL surgery don’t return to pre-injury…
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Knee ACL Surgery Alternative: Regenexx-ACL Procedure Gets Great Winter Sports Write-up

We continue to be amazed as physicians by the before and after MRIs we see every day as a result of the knee ACL surgery alternative used by our practice every day: The Regenexx-ACL procedure. This exacting image guided procedure was just written up in a Vermont Winter Sports Paper, just in time for all…
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Do’s and Don’ts of Knee ACL Injuries

I just contributed to an article on Expert Beacon on the “Do’s and Don”t’s” of ACL Surgery. We’ve seen tremendous results with our Regenexx-ACL stem cell procedure, which is the subject of a recent submission for publication in a research journal.

Regenexx ACL Stem Cell Procedure Featured in SnoCountry Magazine

We’re seeing excellent results in treating ACLs with an exacting injection of stem cells and helping many patients avoid ACL knee surgery. I’ve blogged on many different before and after MRIs showing imaging evidence of healing in the ACL ligaments without surgery. We’re also putting together a sophisticated imaging analysis of these knee ACL cases…
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