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Three New Regenexx Clinical Trials – Are you a Candidate?

We are excited to announce three new Regenexx Clinical trials….   Do you have a disc bulge pressing on a nerve? Or a partially torn rotator cuff? Perhaps a torn knee ACL ligament? If you do, you may be a candidate for a trio of studies we’re funding. To find out more, see below: Regenexx PL-Disc for Low…
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Knee ACL Study Now Recruiting Patients

New Knee ACL study!  Introducing the Regenexx-ACL study.  If you have a torn knee ACL, you may be a candidate. We’ve been using injected stem cells to treat ACL injuries for years with good patient reported and MRI imaging results. However, we also want to test what we do using a more rigorous study design,…
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Can Knee ACL Ligament Tear Be Healed With Stem Cells? We Report Promising Research

Knee ACL Ligament Tear Treatment Using Adult Stem Cells At the AMSSM (American Medical Society of Sports Medicine) meeting in San Diego this week, Dr. Ben Newton of the Centeno-Schultz clinic reported on a case series of pre/post MRIs in patients with partial or complete non-retracted knee ACL tears treated with stem cells. The ACL…
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New PL-Disc and Knee ACL Tear Study Coming

Two New Regenexx Studies…will you be a candidate?  We have designed and are seeking approval for two more randomized controlled trials: one for the PL-Disc procedure and the other for the Knee-ACL -SD procedure. If you have a herniated or bulging disc leading to leg or back problems, you may want to contact us now about this…
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MRI Follow-up of an ACL Tear Treated with Stem Cells

The question of an ACL tear treated with stem cells…. Can your torn knee ACL ligament be treated with an injection of stem cells and thus help you avoid surgery? Above you’ll find the knee MRI of a patient who had a complete non-retracted ACL tear who Dr. Hanson first treated with a stem cell injection about…
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More Reasons to Avoid Surgery and Find an ACL Surgery Alternative

Are there reasons to look for an ACL surgery alternative? We often see lax ACL ligaments as a result of ACL surgery. A new study just published may explain why, as it found that in certain patients with allografts (an ACL that came from another patient), the ligaments were lax when there was cellular evidence that the…
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