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Skiing with Knee Arthritis: Can Stem Cells Help?

Is skiing with knee arthritis possible? Severe knee arthritis is a tough problem. The cartilage is all gone and bone spurs have taken over. Can stem cells get patients back on their skis? When we first began stem cell injections for arthritis a decade ago, we figured that the severity of the knee arthritis would…
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Can Stem Cells Help Knee Arthritis?

Can a same day treatment with stem cells help knee arthritis if all of the conditions are right? RM was 56 when we saw him in 2011 and now 3 years later, a new MRI shows some interesting changes. So I thought I’d use his image as a thought experiment this morning to discuss why…
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We Publish the World’s Largest Paper on Knee Arthritis and Stem Cells

Knee Arthritis Stem Cell Clinical Data Paper…What Works and What Doesn’t? We have a great team assembled now to take the massive amounts of data being collected by our one of a kind stem cell treatment registry and morph that it into peer reviewed publications. This paper is the world’s largest clinical experience with same…
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What Triathlete Knee Pain? Grateful Triathlete Uses Own Stem Cells to Help Knee

Triathlete knee pain can sideline the best of them, especially in the running or cycling portions of the event. All too often, triathletes opt for invasive surgical quick fixes that leave them with more knee arthritis in the long run. We’ve been treating triathletes for many years, working to help Neurosurgeon Joe Maroon use his…
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Fat Stem Cells for Knees? Regenexx-AD 2013 Data

This past week or so I’ve been releasing data from our registry. This morning I’d like to discuss knee outcome data for the Regenexx-AD procedure. The procedure is only performed on patients with a displaced meniscus with moderate to severe arthritis, so this a very selected group of >200 patients we tracked who aren’t included…
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Helping a Knee Arthritis Patient Avoid a High Tibial Osteotomy with Stem Cells

Can stem cells be a high tibial osteotomy alternative? AG was a 37 year old man first seen by our clinic in October of 2010. He underwent the Regenexx-AD knee procedure for knee arthritis at that time. For those that don’t know, a high tibial osteotomy (a.k.a. HTO surgery)  is a big open surgery where a…
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Another Torn Knee Meniscus Helped by Stem Cells

Another torn knee meniscus stem cell treatment success!  Leslie was first seen by our clinic in March of 2011. I’ll let her tell for own story below, but she was treated at that time with the Regenexx-AD stem cell procedure with a highly accurate injection of her own stem cells under ultrasound guidance directly into…
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2 Years after Knee Stem Cell Injections and Still Running

Can knee stem cell injections keep a 65 year old running? Likely not every 65 yo old man, but MB is a 65 yo man who was first seen by our clinic in 2010 by Dr. Hanson. He reported knee pain that had been worsening for 1-2 years and at that time was a 5/10.…
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