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Helping a Runner Run with Stem Cells

Helping a runner with knee stem cells…  JC is an active 66 year old runner who was seen by us at the end of May with a four year history of knee pain. He had an arthroscopic debridement in 2007 with a partial menisectomy (part of the meniscus removed) which helped for awhile, but the…
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Helping a Runner’s Knee Arthritis with Stem Cells

How does knee stem cell therapy work in a runner?  JC is a 64 year old with a long history of mild intermittent knee pain which was limiting his activities and which caused him to undergo arthroscopic knee surgery in 2007. At the time things seemed to go well after surgery and he was able to return to…
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Fat and Bone Marrow Stem Cells used to Treat Severe Knee Arthritis

GM is a 53 yo male with a 4-5 year history of bilateral knee pain. When we first evaluated him late last year, he had already tried medial unloader knee braces, which helped, but didn’t solve his problem. The patient’s MRI showed degenerative meniscus tears in the medial meniscus as well as very severe arthritis in the…
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How does Regenexx-SD or -AD Compare to Regenexx-C?

Because we have a level 3 lab as part of an interventional orthopedics practice, we offer the broadest spectrum of orthopedic stem cell and platelet based injections of any clinic. Since our Regenexx-SD and -AD stem cell injection therapies are performed in one day, they’re often more convenient for patients and are about 1/3 the cost of…
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Regenexx-SD Procedure featured on ABC National News

Regenexx-SD ABC News story this morning… One of our patients was featured on the ABC News national web-site this morning as part of a series of stories exploring alternative treatments for osteoarthritis. Pat’s story was also highlighted in a recent blog post as she was doing so much better after a knee stem cell injection, while her friend…
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ABC News Regenexx Knee Stem Cell Success Highlighted

ABC News / Good Morning America recently featured a 72 year-old Centeno-Schultz Clinic patient that underwent two Regenexx-AD and Regenexx-SD treatments. “It’s revolutionary in my mind that my knee corrected after only two treatments. I’m so impressed that you could place my own stem cells in precisely the right place using ultra sound, and that…
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What’s more Risky? Bone Marrow Aspiration or Liposuction?

A doctor discusses the risks of various stem cell harvest procedures used to treat knee pain including stem cells obtained from fat tissue.
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