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Regenexx-C, -AD, and -SCP Stem Cell Knee Outcomes

A doctor discuss stem cell knee injection results of four patients who avoided knee surgery and reduced their recovery time.

The Importance of Harvest Technique: Getting More Stem Cells

A doctor discusses the importance of a new technique used to get stem cells from bone marrow.

Another Study Shows the Superiority of Bone Marrow as a Source for Stem Cells used in Cartilage Repair

A doctor discusses why bone marrow derived stem cells are better than fat cells to treat orthopedic problems.

A Tale of Two Patients: Knee Replacement Surgery vs Stem Cell Injections

A doctor discusses how two friends fared with one choosing knee replacement surgery and the other choosing stem cell injections for knee arthritis.

Regenexx-AD Fat Graft Survival

A doctor discusses a treatment that uses stem cells and a fat graft, all performed through injection and without the need for a second surgery, to treat knees that have failed meniscus surgery.

The Regenexx Difference-Taking and Placing Stem Cells with Accuracy

A doctor discusses why it's important to both harvest and implant stem cells with accuracy right into the spot where you want repair.

Having Many Stem Cell Sources in the Toolbox benefits the Patient

A doctor discusses the various sources of stem cells used in orthopedic procedures.

Banking Stem Cells

Banking stem cells means saving your cells for future use. Unlike other practices that use bedside centrifuges to spin down cells, we have a full service lab facility as part of our medical practice. If you chose the stem cell banking option, some stem cells will be used for your procedure and some will be…
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