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One of Our NFL Stem Cell Patients on SiriusXM NFL Radio

One of our NFL stem cell patients, two-time Super Bowl champion Jarvis Green, was recently interviewed on SiriusXM NFL radio about his experience with the Regenexx stem cell procedure. Just click play below to enjoy!

NFL Stem Cell Success Story on NFLPA Trust Show

Two time Super Bowl champion and former Regenexx patient Jarvis Green discussed his NFL stem cell success story on NFLPA Trust Show last night (that’s him on the right, above, with Robert Royal in the recording booth). With the Super Bowl about to air and the NFL mania that accompanies it, I thought I would post Jarvis’s gripping video.…
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My Disc Stem Cell Injection Early Christmas Gift

We’ve been injecting stem cells into low back discs longer than anyone else on earth. One of our early patients was a young man named Jacob who I’ve come to know well through the years. After a successful first disc stem cell injection in 2009, he recently had two new discs that needed treatment. I was…
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Another New Patent Issues for Regenexx

We have been awarded several US patents of late on the Regenexx procedure. These things take forever to process, with most of these being filed many years ago. They continue to define the difference between Regenexx and everything else. Anti-inflammatory steroids are a two edged sword, on the one hand when used in the super-physiologic…
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Back Pain Stem Cells: A Key Regenexx Patent Issues

We’ve been treating low back discs with stem cells for about a decade. In all of that time, we realized that there was a need for a device that would allow us to place stem cells into parts of the disc that traditional needles couldn’t reach. As a result we designed the device and submitted…
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Torn Disc Surgery Alternatives: Can You Heal Disc Tears?

Torn discs can be painful, but are often missed as a cause of pain, usually lumped with garden variety degenerative disc disease. Some of the patients with these tears that have chronic pain end up with surgical fusions. However, are there torn disc surgery alternatives? DA is a good example of how many different injection based…
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SR: Low Back Disc Stem Cell Save

Like every procedure ever used in the history of medicine, ours has it’s successes and failures. For a physician, the successes are always more fun and some of those can get to be routine. However, every once in awhile you see a patient were the success was life changing. SR and her low back disc stem…
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When the Regenexx Procedure Doesn’t Work…

This past week or so I’ve highlighted some great success stories and long-term results. However, every medical procedure known to man has a success and failure rate. This is why we routinely publish outcome data which contains the average of patients who did well, those that did OK, and those where the procedure was ineffective.…
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