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TMJ Stem Cell Therapy: Valerie’s Story

Every doctor sees patients who, right off the bat, he or she knows are a huge challenge. Valerie was one of those patients with one of the most severe cases of TMJ I have ever seen. She was unable to eat solid or soft foods at any level, and I was pretty sure she also…read more

What a Decade of Disc Stem Cell Research Has Taught Us

In 2005, we pioneered disc stem cell research as the first clinic on earth to inject stem cells into low back discs. Along the way, we’ve learned some valuable lessons about what did and didn’t work. Recently, we’re seeing a spate of clinics offering to inject stem cells into the discs of back pain patients and one…read more

How to Get Off Migraine Medications: Trudy’s Story

When Trudy first walked into the office I’m not ashamed to say that I was overwhelmed. Not only did she want to know how to get off migraine medications, but also how to get off other meds she was taking for her neck, back, shoulders, and knees. She could only stand for 5 minutes before…read more

Is There a Bad Back Posture? Do You Have Loss of Curve?

Out of the hundreds of MRI reports I see every year, very few of them have a word written about the state of the low back curve. Despite this, many studies show that losing the normal curve in the low back is a big deal. Essentially that a bad back posture is a real thing. Now…read more

Disc Replacement in a Teenager?

Is disc replacement in a teenager a good idea? Is fusion smart or dumb in this age group? This was the dilemma facing Analisa, a 20 year old young woman with a bad low back disc. In the end, she used advanced regenerative spine care to avoid both surgeries. Analisa had a painful disc at…read more

A Hip Stem Cell Treatment In An Aikido Master

Lynne is a force to be reckoned with, or shall I say a “redirected” force. Her love is Aikido, the Japanese martial art of redirecting your attacker’s forces back on him or her, using their energy to allow the smallest defenders to thwart the largest attackers. So when she realized that she had hip arthritis,…read more

Spinal Stenosis Options: PT as Effective as Surgery

What are your spinal stenosis options? Should you have surgery? This has been a rough 5-10 years for surgeons who operate on the joints and the spine. Study after study comparing common surgeries to either placebo surgery (i.e. a fake operation) or physical therapy continues to show that many procedures don’t work. The most recent victim this week…read more

Stem Cells for Back Pain? One Patient’s Experience…

Stem cells for back pain have been a big topic this past year or so. This is Claire’s story, who I think like many, believed that a stem cell injection in her spine could help her disability. When I first saw her MRI and heard her story though I was a bit daunted, I knew that she would need…read more
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