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Back Surgery Problems: Avoiding Surgery with Regenexx

PA is a local attorney who had the misfortune of having low back surgery in high school, which led to back surgery problems in his 40s. Being an active aging athlete with a dirt bike career on the side, one day in 2013 his back gave out. He was told he needed surgery, now almost…read more

New Video on Back and Neck Stem Cell Treatments…

The issue of stem cells and disc problems is a complex one that often gets simplified by doctors advertising stem cell spine treatments into: “stem cells are magic fairy dust to be sprinkled on the spine to cure even severe degenerative disc disease”. The truth however, is much more complex than this simple message. Based…read more

Neck Epidural Failed? What to Do Next…

What’s your next move if your neck epidural failed to relieve your pain or numbness? Mary-Frances is an airline pilot who was looking at more surgery and not being able to pass an FAA physical. Rather than get that second surgery, we were able to help her with the Regenexx-DDD procedure after her neck epidural…read more

Is Disc Stem Cell Therapy for Real?

I have a lot to blog about this morning with many subjects waiting in the cue, but every once in awhile a subject is pressing enough that it needs to be blogged immediately. This morning that subject is disc stem cell therapy. Yesterday a patient on a discussion board about biologic orthopedics jumped in on…read more

Back Fusion Alternatives? Can You Avoid Surgery Without a Disc Injection?

We arguably have more experience with injecting stem cells into the discs of patients than anyone else on earth, having performed our first case in 2005. While placing stem cells in discs can be helpful in certain circumstances, can we provide back fusion alternatives without poking a hole in the disc? This is an example…read more

Traditional vs. Regenerative Spine Care

Yesterday in the clinic I had two patients before lunch that define the differences between our traditional existing spine treatment paradigms and what our clinic defines as Regenerative Spine Care (using platelets and stem cells to treat patients with bad discs, facet joints, or ligaments). The first patient was a late thirties father who had been in…read more

Epidural Steroid Injection Alternative? Resolution of a Large Disc Herniation with PL-Disc/DDD

Is the Regenexx-DDD procedure a lumbar epidural steroid injection alternative? OHA was a 29 year old who had failed a lumbar discectomy surgery and when seen last summer, had a 1.5 year history of recurrent low back and leg pain. His MRI at that time showed an impressive and very large central L4-L5 disc herniation.…read more

Back Pain and Platelet Rich Plasma in a Competitive Figure Skater

Back pain and Platelet Rich Plasma? RS is a 19 year old female figure skater who was first seen by our clinic for chronic low back pain in November of 2012. She reported a 3 year history of low back pain that was worse with skating, which she performed at a very high level (training…read more
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