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Avoid Back Surgery by Learning More About the ACL of The Low Back: The Iliolumbar Ligament

Want to avoid back surgery? You may need to learn more about spinal stability and why the normal spine is an engineering marvel. Your spine depends heavily on two main systems to keep what amounts to a tower of kids blocks (vertebrae) aligned with millimeter precision as you move. To show you how this is done using muscles, I have…read more

Read Your Own Back MRI for Multifidus Atrophy-A Major Cause of Low Back Pain

So now you know what a “multifidus” is and why it’s so critical that you find out if your major low back stabilizing system if off line. However, 99.999% of the time (in my experience), radiologists fail to read whether this muscle is normal or atrophied, despite copious research that a atrophied (read weaker) multifidus is associated…read more

Avoid Low Back Surgery by Learning More About the Most Important Back Muscle You’ve Never Heard Of…

If you want to avoid low back surgery, click on our video above (you may want to hit the replay button a few times to get a sense of it). It shows what happens to your low back bones when you walk (the green and red 3-D shapes). They move as well, but their movement…read more

Upper Back Surgery Procedures to Avoid

I always tell my patients that upper back surgery procedures are awful. If you happen to have a big herniated upper back disc pressing on your nerves and spinal cord or bony stenosis doing the same, an upper back surgery to remove the pressure is a much bigger and more invasive procedure than even low…read more
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