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TMJ Stem Cell Therapy: Valerie’s Story

Every doctor sees patients who, right off the bat, he or she knows are a huge challenge. Valerie was one of those patients with one of the most severe cases of TMJ I have ever seen. She was unable to eat solid or soft foods at any level, and I was pretty sure she also…
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Injury Recovery in CrossFit Athlete: Finding Relief in Stem Cells and PRP

CrossFit Pro Matt Chan from Doug Orchard on Vimeo. Multiple meniscus tears, herniated discs, sciatica in the leg and ankle, shoulder injuries—Matt Chan has run the gamut when it comes to fitness-related injuries. However, as a professional and competitive CrossFit athlete, long recovery times and the inability to return to full function, common with traditional…
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What a Decade of Disc Stem Cell Research Has Taught Us

In 2005, we pioneered disc stem cell research as the first clinic on earth to inject stem cells into low back discs. Along the way, we’ve learned some valuable lessons about what did and didn’t work. Recently, we’re seeing a spate of clinics offering to inject stem cells into the discs of back pain patients and one…
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Gymnast Foot Problems: Could It Be Your Back?

At Regenexx, our focus is always treating the whole athlete. One of the unfortunate things that happens in our modern world of orthopedic hyper-specialists is that injured athletes are broken down into their parts that hurt. The knee guy sees someone with knee pain, the foot and ankle specialist sees someone with foot pain, and…
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Back Pain Stem Cells: A Key Regenexx Patent Issues

We’ve been treating low back discs with stem cells for about a decade. In all of that time, we realized that there was a need for a device that would allow us to place stem cells into parts of the disc that traditional needles couldn’t reach. As a result we designed the device and submitted…
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New Treatment for Neck Pain: Platelet Lysate and Heidi’s Journey

At our annual Regenexx network provider conference in Denver this past week, a network physician who is more focused on interventional spine came up and thanked me for introducing him to a new treatment for neck pain – platelet lysate. This one change had revolutionized his practice as he found it much more effective than…
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Hiking Knee Pain: Summiting 5 Peaks in 5 Hours

Can you summit 5 peaks in 5 hours with hiking knee pain? Chris is a local physical therapist who is “Boulder Active”- more on that later. He’s had a bevy of issues that face us all as we try to coax our aging bodies to do what we used to do. He’s a great example…
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More Long-term Knee Stem Cell Follow-ups!

I recently blogged about a patient who had come in for a stem cell top-up at 7 years after her cultured knee stem cell injection. As a result of that post, I was contacted by two more patients – one on Facebook and the other on Instagram, both who gave a nice shout out at 5…
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