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My Back Gets Tight When Running, What Does this Mean?

What does it mean when your back gets tight when running? I’m travelling this weekend and my back has been tight these past few days. I know why, but I thought my readers might enjoy learning why my back is tight and why their back may get tight with running. As I’ve blogged before, the…
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Meniscus Tear Repair? One Patient’s Report after a Knee Stem Cell Injection

What does a patient think of meniscus tear repair with stem cells? I’d like to share an unsolicited e-mail I got last week. Jamie is  a 57 yo man who injured his knee in June of 2012 while fly fishing. We first saw him that October with a 3 month history of right knee pain.…
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Backs Can Cause Knee Pain: To Understand Your Knee You Have to Get to Know Mine

I’m going to begin with a little known secret that will make sense as you read on…backs can cause knee pain. On the first day of medical school, my dean stood up and told us that almost everything they were going to teach us about medicine would be wrong. What he meant was that we…
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Epidural Steroid Injection Alternative? Resolution of a Large Disc Herniation with PL-Disc/DDD

Is the Regenexx-DDD procedure a lumbar epidural steroid injection alternative? OHA was a 29 year old who had failed a lumbar discectomy surgery and when seen last summer, had a 1.5 year history of recurrent low back and leg pain. His MRI at that time showed an impressive and very large central L4-L5 disc herniation.…
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Three New Regenexx Clinical Trials – Are you a Candidate?

We are excited to announce three new Regenexx Clinical trials….   Do you have a disc bulge pressing on a nerve? Or a partially torn rotator cuff? Perhaps a torn knee ACL ligament? If you do, you may be a candidate for a trio of studies we’re funding. To find out more, see below: Regenexx PL-Disc for Low…
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New Regenexx PL-Disc Study: Are You a Candidate?

Announcing the New Regenexx PL-Disc Study.  Are you a candidate?  There’s an opportunity to receive our Regenexx  PL-Disc procedure at no cost if you qualify. We’re looking for patients with disc bulges pressing on, or irritating spinal nerves. Patients will get either a traditional steroid epidural or an injection of their own platelet growth factors. You will be chosen…
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New PL-Disc and Knee ACL Tear Study Coming

Two New Regenexx Studies…will you be a candidate?  We have designed and are seeking approval for two more randomized controlled trials: one for the PL-Disc procedure and the other for the Knee-ACL -SD procedure. If you have a herniated or bulging disc leading to leg or back problems, you may want to contact us now about this…
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Should You Get a Steroid Epidural Injection?

Should You Get A Steroid Epidural Injection…or A Steroid Epidural Injection Alternative? Should you get a Steroid Epidural Injection? I’ve blogged many times about the problems with high dose steroids. Above is the new animation we created to help patients better understand the steroid epidural injection risks and side effects and the advantages of using your…
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