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Leg Feels Disconnected? It May Be Your SI Joint

I always love hearing how patients describe what’s going on in their body. This last week, a patient with SI joint instability described her problem as her “leg feels disconnected.” This is such an accurate description that I thought it was worth exploring in a blog. The SI (Sacroiliac) Joint The SI joint is where the…
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Treating Hand Arthritis Without Surgery the Regenexx Way

This morning I’d like to introduce you to yet another great Doug Orchard video of how Regenexx is very different. In this case, we have Dr. Pitts showing how precise injections of various proprietary platelet preps are injected into arthritic and unstable hand joints. Enjoy!

Ferrari Race Car Driver Opts for Meniscus Stem Cell Treatment

I’ve always had a special place in my 15-year-old heart for Ferrari red, so it’s fun to have a real Ferrari race car driver as a patient of Regenexx. It’s also great that as the evidence base for meniscus surgery crumbles, new noninvasive ways, like our meniscus stem cell treatment, are pioneered. Martin’s story will…
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Epidural Steroid Injection Reviews: Is There a Better Way?

My patients’ epidural steroid injection reviews through the years have been mixed. On the one hand, the injection can help prevent the need for surgery; on the other, the side effects can be big and awful. Hence, a few years back, we invented a new approach using platelet lysate to replace the steroid. This is…
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Why Is Regenexx the Best That’s Out There?

How can Regenexx claim that it’s the most advanced and best-researched orthopedic stem cell therapy in the world? After all, if you cruise the Internet, you’ll find any number of clinics, all proclaiming that they’re the “best” or the “greatest” or “experts.” However, if you look “under the hood” of any of these web-sites and…
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Nerve Regeneration – The Future Doesn’t Involve Surgery

Regenexx first began treating injured nerves using orthobiologics delivered via ultrasound guidance in 2012. However, the concept that a precise injection can help nerve regeneration was so revolutionary that we were reluctant to really shout it from the roof tops until we had enough experience under our belt to be sure that it was working. After a few years of…
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How to Get Off Migraine Medications: Trudy’s Story

When Trudy first walked into the office I’m not ashamed to say that I was overwhelmed. Not only did she want to know how to get off migraine medications, but also how to get off other meds she was taking for her neck, back, shoulders, and knees. She could only stand for 5 minutes before…
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Gymnast Foot Problems: Could It Be Your Back?

At Regenexx, our focus is always treating the whole athlete. One of the unfortunate things that happens in our modern world of orthopedic hyper-specialists is that injured athletes are broken down into their parts that hurt. The knee guy sees someone with knee pain, the foot and ankle specialist sees someone with foot pain, and…
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