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New Treatment for Neck Pain: Platelet Lysate and Heidi’s Journey

At our annual Regenexx network provider conference in Denver this past week, a network physician who is more focused on interventional spine came up and thanked me for introducing him to a new treatment for neck pain – platelet lysate. This one change had revolutionized his practice as he found it much more effective than…
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Avoid Carpal Tunnel Surgery

I was performing a carpal tunnel hydrodissection yesterday using an ultra high resolution ultrasound trying to help a patient with carpal tunnel syndrome avoid carpal tunnel surgery when I thought to myself, this is pretty cool. I have a 1 inch tiny needle, the smallest caliber made in the US and I’m injecting our 3rd…
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Disc Replacement in a Teenager?

Is disc replacement in a teenager a good idea? Is fusion smart or dumb in this age group? This was the dilemma facing Analisa, a 20 year old young woman with a bad low back disc. In the end, she used advanced regenerative spine care to avoid both surgeries. Analisa had a painful disc at…
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Hiking Knee Pain: Summiting 5 Peaks in 5 Hours

Can you summit 5 peaks in 5 hours with hiking knee pain? Chris is a local physical therapist who is “Boulder Active”- more on that later. He’s had a bevy of issues that face us all as we try to coax our aging bodies to do what we used to do. He’s a great example…
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Helping a Firefighter Keep Kicking!

Many of our patients have a similar story. They’re active people, often pursuing a dream that requires them to be active, and then one or more injuries catch up with them and their dream is placed on hold. They do their research and soon learn that traditional orthopedic surgical procedures aren’t the answer, so they…
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The Evolution of a Thumb Arthritis Surgery Alternative: Cell Therapies Are Only a Tool

Thumb arthritis is an epidemic in our keyboard heavy and text savvy society. However, thumb arthritis in this area isn’t fully baked, leaving many patients to seek a thumb arthritis surgery alternative. In addition, our quest for an injection procedure that could replace surgery demonstrates a critical point about the future of cell therapies –…
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What is Platelet Lysate?

You may have heard of platelet rich plasma or PRP, which is concentrating blood platelets and injecting them to prompt healing. Platelet lysate (PL) is it’s more advanced cousin. We first began using PL in orthopedic injuries in 2005. It’s just now starting to catch on via other clinics trying to replicate what we do,…
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Is Disc Stem Cell Therapy for Real?

I have a lot to blog about this morning with many subjects waiting in the cue, but every once in awhile a subject is pressing enough that it needs to be blogged immediately. This morning that subject is disc stem cell therapy. Yesterday a patient on a discussion board about biologic orthopedics jumped in on…
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