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Does Rotator Cuff Surgery Work?

Does rotator cuff surgery work? You would think that because this has become a standard of care for nonhealing rotator cuff tears that we would have loads of high-level research showing this procedure is effective. However, we really don’t have that research. In fact, we have studies showing that this approach of sewing up a…
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Shoulder Replacement Recovery: Rotator Cuff Damage the Unwelcome Surprise…

Way back when, at the turn of the century, the concept of the free lunch was introduced. It was offered by pubs owned by beer companies as a way to entice workers to buy more beer over their lunch hour. It included lots of salty items that went well with beer, prompting the proverbial retort…
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Rotator Cuff Healing May Depend On Your Genes

As I’ve said many times, the structural model of orthopedics that depends on sewing things together to help pain is on its deathbed as study after study show that these types of surgeries are ineffective. That same paradigm shift holds true in rotator cuff repair, where recent research shows that the surgery was unable to beat…
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Surgery for Big Rotator Cuff Tears Has High Retear Rates…

Rotator Cuff tears can be tricky. I think to best understand them, you need to ask your self why they happen in the first place. While some result from trauma, the vast majority of rotator cuff tears happen from simple wear and tear as we age.  Why would the most important group of muscles in the shoulder…
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