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Lateral Epicondylitis (Tennis Elbow) – Why There’s Absolutely No Need for Surgery

What is Tennis Elbow (Lateral Epicondylitis)? Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term used for tennis elbow which is a painful condition caused by damage or tears in the tendon (common extensor tendon) that attaches the forearm muscle (extensor muscle) to the outside of the elbow bone. Patients suffering from a severe case of tennis elbow…
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PRP Doesn’t Help Cartilage Repair? Always Read the Fine Print!

It’s always bizarre to me what makes the rounds of the science news. This week it was a paper, that websites covered, with the headline, “Platelet-rich plasma does not promote stem cell-mediated cartilage repair.” Like many research papers that are hyped, you always need to read the fine print. When you do, this headline isn’t accurate. Let…
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A Case Study Highlighting the Regenexx Flexible Lab Platform

In the world of regenerative medicine, the vast majority of providers out there are using one-size-fits-all kits and bedside machines to process orthobiologics (stem cells, platelet rich plasma, etc.). These kits are usually only designed to make one thing. So they are inflexible. The problem is that patients come in with all sorts of problems to…
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Does Concentrated PRP Hurt or Help Tendon Healing?

If you inject PRP into tendons that is just 3-5 times concentrated (which most systems produce), at least according to one study, you may be poisoning rather than helping tendon cells. Is this true? How is it possible that you get great results injecting tendons with PRP and the in-vitro research says that you shouldn’t…
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Watch an Advanced Image-Guided Injection of the Shoulder: Step into Our Procedure Suite with Dr. Schultz

This weekend we had an Interventional Orthopedics Foundation  (IOF) course at our Colorado headquarters. What I kept hearing from the physicians attending the course was how much more in depth this course was than any other course they had ever taken. Today I’d like to invite you to join Dr. Schultz as he performs an…
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Treating Hand Arthritis Without Surgery the Regenexx Way

This morning I’d like to introduce you to yet another great Doug Orchard video of how Regenexx is very different. In this case, we have Dr. Pitts showing how precise injections of various proprietary platelet preps are injected into arthritic and unstable hand joints. Enjoy!

A New Ankle Surgery Alternative Interventional Orthopedics Style…

Knees and hips seem to be on everyone’s minds these days, but surgical alternatives are equally important for all joints. Interestingly, especially for ankles, as they carry the weight of those knees and hips and backs and shoulders and necks, and everything else above them. This is the story of unsuccessful and damaging surgeries, and…
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Why Do I Have Joint Pain After Exercise?

On this page: Controlling chronic inflammation Treatment with growth factors Being ProActive Many of us experience muscle tightness and soreness after exercise, but why do some of our joints ache after exercise? For me it’s my left knee and shoulder; for you maybe it’s your hip or ankle. When your joint aches, it’s because more…
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