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Dr. Mercola calls out FDA for “Your Cells=Drugs” Policy

FDA’s Outrageous New Claim: Your Body Is a Drug — and They Can Regulate It By Dr. Mercola Adult stem cells (as opposed to embryonic stem cells, which are at the heart of the stem cell controversy) are a truly exciting part of the future of medicine, with seemingly limitless potential for anti-aging, arthritis and…
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The Stage is Set for a Texas Size Stem Cell Brawl

A Texas stem cells showdown!  Texas has a great history of going its own way. When I lived there as a Resident at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, I’ll never forget that Texas is the only state where I have lived in that has a nationalistic pride, as if it were its own country.…
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More on “Your Body is a Drug”

More on “Your Body is a Drug”…  For some reason, this past week, the internet was been abuzz with news of our landmark case against FDA’s position that “your body=drug factory”. While some of the attention is bringing to the forefront FDA’s nonsensical assertions (your cells=drugs), regrettably most of the reporting on both sides of…
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FDA: Your Body is a Drug and We want to Regulate It

ERRATUM: Many news sites and blogs have been misreporting that FDA wants to regulate our Regenexx-SD treatment, this is not the case. The issues over stem cells=drugs are with the Regenexx-C Treatment (now in the Cayman Islands) As many of our followers know, we’ve been engaged in a David and Goliath struggle over a basic…
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Turning Body Parts into Drugs: Geron ceases Stem Cell Approval citing Regulatory Costs

Wow, what a bombshell this morning. Geron was one of the big dogs in the stem cell business world, most recently in the news for the first FDA approved spinal cord injury study. Yet the company just pulled all funding out of pursuing U.S. FDA approval for stem cells citing the excessive costs of the…
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Forbes: The FDA Blocking Innovation

Interesting story about the FDA blocking innovation this week in Forbes: Capital Flows Innovation, Competition And The FDA Burton G. Malkiel, 07.20.11, 06:00 PM EDT Forbes Magazine dated August 08, 2011 Recent regulations by the FDA have retarded innovation in the drug industry and caused harm to the health of the nation. The World Economic Forum…
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Interesting Story on FDA and Stem Cells from Becker’s Orthopedics

Interesting Story on FDA and Stem Cells from Becker's Orthopedics

Dr. Centeno to Speak at TERMIS meeting in Orlando

A physician discusses the scientific rationale for FDA regulation of autologous stem cells.
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