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A recent news story echoes many others over the past few months. In this one, researchers in New York genetically modified mesenchymal stem cells so that they could be grown endlessly in bioreactors. This story sounds like the plot line of the Will Smith movie “Legend” where a famous cancer researcher uses gene therapy to…
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Are Stem Cells Body Parts or Drugs? -Doctors and Healthcare Providers Weigh In

What do doctors think about FDA regulation of the patient's own stem cells? The results of a recent poll show that physicians at almost 2 to 1 don't want the FDA to regulate the patient's own stem cells as drugs.

Our Important FDA Struggle-Or Are the Stem Cells in Your Body Drugs?

“Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak: courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.”-Sir Winston Churchill Our current situation with the FDA has been one of those moments in a professional career when you have to decide if you will follow or lead.  Sometimes leadership means standing up…
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Stem cell ‘pharmacies’ predicted

A doctor discusses the concept of "stem cell pharmacies", where physicians can order certain stem cells to treat specific diseases.

Regenexx Procedure Featured on Singularity Hub

Was interviewed by a blogger for Singularity Hub, a futurist web-site I assume named after Ray Kurzweil’s book, “The Singularity is Near”.  The Regenexx procedure was featured with an interesting debate on the site about the practice of medicine vs. interstate drug production.  Not sure I like the title of the article or everything about…
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The $1,000 Wire

I was recently performing radio-frequency on a neck joint and a reusable little wire broke after being used one too many times. The OR nurse complained that the surgery center would have to get a new one at a price of about a thousand dollars. I stared in astonishment at the wire. This little wire…
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Someone Else’s Stem Cells-Prochymal in Flames

Stem cells in a vial don't work. Find out why.

Adult versus Fetal Stem Cells

It makes sense that fetal stem cells would be more active than adult cells.  After all, we’ve all seen kids with incredible healing powers and we’ve all observed our own healing prowess get less as we age.  However, a recent study reversed this thought trend.  In this study, they examined the protective effect of adult…
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