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A Pain Reprogramming App and a New RCT

There’s been a decades-long dispute between pain psychologists and physicians that treat chronic pain. These past 5 years, the concept that the chronic pain you experience can be cured through talk therapy has expanded like a forest fire in a Santa Ana wind. Now new research aims to prove that this talk therapy works. In…read more

Our Latest Publications

Regenexx has always had an active research program with our goal being to try and get a few papers published every year. However, COVID slowed down the publication process for everyone. So we have a bunch of publications coming out all at once now. Let’s dig in. Our Publication Team Yesterday, during one of our…read more

Skeletal Stem Cells Found Living in the Growth Plates May One Day Make Us Taller

Skeletal stem cells may hold the key to expanding regenerative treatment for skeletal issues in the future. The problem is finding and identifying them, but it seems one type may be living in the growth plates of long bones.

How Regenexx Lab Research Is Second to None

Yesterday I posted about the engine that drives us here at Regenexx: our clinical research. Today I’d like to follow that up with why Regenexx Lab Research is truly second to none in practical, rubber meets the road, orthobiologics research. Regenexx Lab Research So how does a regenerative-medicine clinic do research? To do it well…read more
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