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How Popular is Regenexx Research?

Unlike the vast majority of clinics offering patients stem cell treatments, Regenexx publishes research on what it does. I get e-mails from a research collating service that I usually ignore, but a few days ago I decided to check out the stats on the research we’ve published about Regenexx procedures. As you can see above,…
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Fat vs Bone Marrow Stem Cell Video

This is part of a lecture that I’ve been giving the last few months and many people have asked that I turn it into a video so that everyone can see the truth about fat vs bone marrow stem cell counts. I’ve also blogged on the topic of stem cell counts in adipose and bone…
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Back Pain Won’t Stop? Multifidus Research Update

Most patients don’t realize that if their back pain won’t stop that there’s usually a simple reason that’s invisible to their doctor. In addition, it’s hiding in plain sight on their MRI images, it’s just that nobody with a firm knowledge of the research on chronic low back pain has ever looked. This finding is called…
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How Much Human Stem Cell Research is There?

(Click here for a larger view) Every year or so I summarize all of the human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell research in orthopedics. At first this exercise began to answer the simple question of how much research do we have using real patients? Is it a lot or a little? After all, many in…
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New Regenexx Shoulder Stem Cell Study Published!

There’s a lot of attention paid to knee arthritis and stem cell injections, but much less to shoulder problems. We’ve just published the world’s largest registry experience with precisely guided stem cell injections for conditions including severe arthritis and rotator cuff tears. Here’s a quick run down of that new work. Unlike knee replacement, shoulder replacement…
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Dr Centeno Lectures at Baylor College of Medicine this Friday

Dr Centeno was asked by his former residency program at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston Texas to be their 13th Annual William P. Blocker speaker. He will be lecturing on Friday May 22nd from 8:30 am-12 p.m. on the following: -Interventional Orthopedics: How the Past of this Medical Center Predicts the Future of PMR-30…
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Predicting Stem Cell Yields – Removing the Blindfold…

As I’ve blogged before, Regenexx is one of the few organizations that counts the number of cells in a stem cell harvest. This is mission critical, as this number represents a dose that our research shows can help make treatment decisions based on how many stem cells you have available. How can we improve on…
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Running and Aging: Would You Believe the World’s Fastest Female Ultra-marathon Age is 51?

As I was searching the US National Library of Medicine the other day I chanced upon a fascinating study. The authors indexed the ages of ultra-marathon winners (50-3,100 mile events) and calculated the age of the winners. The results were both astounding and puzzling. The younger runners were slower than the older runners! As seen…
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