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Regenexx Team Publishes New Tendon PRP Paper!

Knowing how to dose orthobiologics, like PRP, is critical. However, we have very little published data, and physicians use different machines that produce different types of PRP at different doses. So to say that orthobiologics as a field is one big mess is an understatement. The Regenexx research team has been working to clean up…
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Regenexx Clinical Research: The Engine That Drives Us

It seems like every regenerative-medicine clinic these days has a special new procedure and every device or tissue manufacturer has a fancy new product its pushing on these clinics. And, sadly, almost every clinic wants to do what the clinic down the street is doing and wants to jump in line to purchase the latest…
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Regenexx Publishes Three More Scientific Papers…

Regenexx has published more clinical research on more orthopedic patients treated with stem cells than any other clinic system or academic medical center worldwide. We continue to work on various research papers and have submitted three for publication these past few months. We have also just had three new articles published, on top of the…
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Our Annual Stem Cell Research in Orthopedics Update—2016 Edition

Every year for the last few, I’ve created an infographic summarizing the stem cell research in orthopedics. Every year, the list gets bigger and the number of patient results represented grows. This year is no different! How Is This Created? I searched the US National Library of Medicine under several search terms around bone marrow…
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Why Is Regenexx the Best That’s Out There?

How can Regenexx claim that it’s the most advanced and best-researched orthopedic stem cell therapy in the world? After all, if you cruise the Internet, you’ll find any number of clinics, all proclaiming that they’re the “best” or the “greatest” or “experts.” However, if you look “under the hood” of any of these web-sites and…
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Knee Arthritis Stem Cell Research: Can We Improve the Soil?

What are we doing for knee arthritis stem cell research? I remember a while back a book was published that said to get to mastery of a subject you had to do it at least several thousand times. I had only to look at my son as an example, who at that time spent hours…
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Regenexx Knee Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Treatment Study Results

Regenexx® Announces Positive Results From Largest Knee Osteoarthritis Stem Cell Treatment Study to Date Denver, CO September 9, 2015 — Regenexx®, a nationwide network of doctors specializing in regenerative medicine and advanced interventional orthopedic techniques, today announced the results of a peer-reviewed research study of 840 patients treated for knee osteoarthritis. All patients were treated…
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How Popular is Regenexx Research?

Unlike the vast majority of clinics offering patients stem cell treatments, Regenexx publishes research on what it does. I get e-mails from a research collating service that I usually ignore, but a few days ago I decided to check out the stats on the research we’ve published about Regenexx procedures. As you can see above,…
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