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How Popular is Regenexx Research?

Unlike the vast majority of clinics offering patients stem cell treatments, Regenexx publishes research on what it does. I get e-mails from a research collating service that I usually ignore, but a few days ago I decided to check out the stats on the research we’ve published about Regenexx procedures. As you can see above,…
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Regenexx Research: Meet Our Sexy Little Multiplex Microarray ELISA!

Unlike almost all medical practices involved in regenerative medicine, Regenexx and it’s network benefit from an ongoing active Regenexx research program to continue to improve what we can offer patients. One of those projects is a knee stem cell research project which involves observing the micro environment of the knee. Think of it as a sophisticated…
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Back Pain Won’t Stop? Multifidus Research Update

Most patients don’t realize that if their back pain won’t stop that there’s usually a simple reason that’s invisible to their doctor. In addition, it’s hiding in plain sight on their MRI images, it’s just that nobody with a firm knowledge of the research on chronic low back pain has ever looked. This finding is called…
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How Much Human Stem Cell Research is There?

Every year or so I summarize all of the human bone marrow mesenchymal stem cell research in orthopedics. At first this exercise began to answer the simple question of how much research do we have using real patients? Is it a lot or a little? After all, many in the scientific community would continuously complain…
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Orthopedic Stem Cell Research: Is There Enough?

While stem cells are clearly gaining ground in orthopedics, there are still some physicians and many scientists that argue that there just isn’t enough research yet for physicians to use this therapy in patients. Since I’ve been following the research since 2005 and watching it develop, I have a sense of what’s published in medical…
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Stat Sats…Engaging You in Our Research!

A Regenexx Stem Cell Research Contest…Be Part of the Process of Discovery As I’ve often blogged, Regenexx is different. From a 30,000 foot view, the rapid adoption of stem cells to treat a variety of problems is still in what I call the “Fantasy Stage”, while Regenexx has long since moved into what I call…
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Has Medical Research become Faith Based Religion?

What Are Evidence Based Medicine Zealots? A co-author on the medical research we publish about stem cells sent me this paper this morning (see below). It’s from 2003, but it’s as relevant today as ever. Why? The medical research industrial complex (made up of universities, big pharma, and the FDA) has abandoned common sense by…
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Knee ACL Surgery Alternative: Regenexx-ACL Procedure Gets Great Winter Sports Write-up

We continue to be amazed as physicians by the before and after MRIs we see every day as a result of the knee ACL surgery alternative used by our practice every day: The Regenexx-ACL procedure. This exacting image guided procedure was just written up in a Vermont Winter Sports Paper, just in time for all…
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