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Regenexx Team Publishes Another Peer Reviewed Paper this Week

Research and physician innovation are the life blood of medicine. Research journals are how we doctors vet new ideas with our learned colleagues, as every article published goes through peer review. This means that the article is read and extensively reviewed by a panel of experts for accuracy before it’s allowed to be published. When…
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New Regenexx Local Anesthetics Paper Published

Over the past year we’ve seen an explosion in clinics playing with stem cells, many only dabbling in the practice. Since 2005 we have published much of the world’s literature on the use of stem cells in orthopedic injuries. In 2007, we became concerned about the exposure of stem cells to local anesthetics as our…
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Shoulder Surgery Alternatives: Measuring How Stem Cells Heal Rotator Cuff Tears

How do we measure the shoulder surgery alternatives that we’ve been using for years? We have great experience in helping patients avoid surgery by treating rotator cuff tears by an exacting injection of the their own stem cells. We’ve seen good evidence on pre and post MRI and ultrasound images of healing rotator cuff tears…
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Regenexx-SD Knee Stem Cell Procedure Data for 2013

Who has the most knee stem cell procedure data? All this week I have been publishing various analysis by our registry and bio stats teams. These analyses are possible because of the massive numbers that have been accumulating for years in our registry. Prior to this year, the numbers weren’t yet big enough to allow…
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Knee Stem Cell Procedure Research: Should You Get a Second Regenexx-SD Procedure?

  Over this next few months you’ll see many reports come out of our advanced patient registry that’s now tracking thousands of patients who have had various types of Regenexx procedures in different body areas. One of the more common questions we get asked is whether a second Regenexx-SD knee stem cell procedure will allow…
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Regenexx Publishes New Thumb Arthritis Study

Thumb arthritis is a big problem these days due to computer use and texting. We’ve been treating the thumb CMC joint with thumb arthritis stem cell procedures for many years with very good results. This is an exacting and precise injection of the patients own stem cells into this small hand joint. Last year an old…
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Do You Know Someone with Sciatica due to a Bulging Disc? Are You a Candidate for our PL-Disc Study?

Right now we’re sponsoring a trio of randomized controlled trials. One of those is the Regenexx PL-Disc Trial. This has already been shown to be better than an epidural steroid injection based on our registry data collected while patients were being treated and countless patients helped, but performing a blinded randomized controlled trial is the…
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New Regenexx Advanced Stem Cell Research Lab

This morning I’m posting a video blog. Our Colorado practice just opened a new wing where we’ve placed the Regenexx Advanced Research Lab. This is separate from the large clean room where we process our patient’s stem cells. This new lab is devoted to research only. What do we research? How to improve the stem…
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