Rotator Cuff Tears

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When Milligrams Are Toxic: Corticosteroids and Tissue Damage

Many physicians are addicted to using steroids despite research showing they damage orthopedic tissues like joints and tendons. However, this is just a problem of not understanding the proper dose to use, which has been caused by institutional momentum. Let’s dig into how these drugs cause havoc in the body and how they could be…read more

The Fake PRP Files: New Shoulder Rotator Cuff Study

You’ve read here several times that the concentration of PRP matters. Despite that, we continue to see studies that use bad “PRP” kits that don’t produce anything that meets the definition of PRP. A recent study was just published on rotator cuff tears that highlights that problem. Let’s dig in. PRP and Concentration PRP stands…read more

Is Bone Marrow Concentrate a Shoulder Rotator Cuff Fixer?

This week a Mayo Clinic registry-based study came out suggesting that bone marrow concentrate injections reduced shoulder rotator cuff surgery retear rates. Let’s look at that data in the context of what else has been published and investigate what we know about this treatment in shoulders. Let’s dig in. What Is Bone Marrow Concentrate? Can’t…read more

Mark’s Rotator Cuff Tear and Amazing Bench Press

I’m an amateur weightlifter. Meaning I got to a certain point of strength and decided that my aging body and frame had hit their max. However, I have great respect for the guys that have the desire and frame to really explore what the human body is capable of lifting. Hence, I’d like to highlight…read more

How Often Are Rotator Cuff Tears Asymptomatic?

Your shoulder begins to hurt, and your doctor orders an MRI that shows tears in the rotator cuff. This is definitely causing your shoulder pain, right?  Not necessarily. Let’s dig in. The Rotator Cuff Your shoulder has muscles and tendons that surround the shoulder joint called the rotator cuff. These are the supraspinatus, infraspinatus, subscapularis,…read more

How Does Orthopedic Surgery Stack Up to Interventional Orthopedics?

As I have shown a few times, orthopedic surgery has an embarrassingly poor evidence base. I recently covered a new study that helped confirm this issue a few weeks ago and I have since performed a deep dive to compare how Interventional Orthopedics stacks up. Let’s dive in. The Old Gaurd versus the New Kid…read more

Taking Vitamins for a Rotator Cuff Tear?

Can taking vitamins or supplements help a rotator cuff tear? Can not taking them make things worse? A colleague sent me a paper on vitamin B12 and rotator cuff tears so I decided to take a deeper dive. Let’s dig in. Rotator Cuff Tears Your rotator cuff is the complex of muscles and tendons that…read more

Does a Partial Rotator Cuff Tear Get Bigger Over Time?

If you have a small rotator cuff tear, will it get bigger over time? This is a critical issue as we have many patients who put off getting their shoulder treated for years. So what is their risk? Let’s dig in. The Shoulder Rotator Cuff Your shoulder has four muscles that stabilize the joint and…read more
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