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Shoulder Stem Cell Repair? A Weightlifter’s Journey…

Todd is a middle aged man who tore his rotator cuff when lifting weights and was told he needed surgery to repair the tear. Todd chose to avoid the knife and instead got his own stem cells precisely injected into the tear using sophisticated imaging guidance. Now that he’s a year out from those shots,…
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A Colorado Regenexx Patient Review: Pain Free!

We received this Colorado Regenexx Patient Review recently from a patient who wanted to share his experience at Regenexx Colorado. When he contacted Regenexx he was in excruciating pain, and his local physician’s treatment had made the situation worse rather than better… “So, recently I started to get a pain in my right arm, just below the shoulder.…
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Helping Another Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear Heal…

I was recently contacted by Donna, a woman in her 60’s that we treated last spring for a shoulder rotator cuff tear. Back then, Donna was told that she had a full thickness rotator cuff tear that needed surgery. Last week she informed me that our precise injection of stem cells had worked well –…
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Very Early Shoulder Rotator Cuff Stem Cell Study Data

As many of my readers know, we have sponsored several different randomized controlled trials using stem cell injections to treat several different orthopedic conditions. One of those is a rotator cuff stem cell study. This study is about 1/3 through it’s recruitment goal and we have some 6 month data, so I’ll report it here…
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Avoid Rotator Cuff Surgery: Following Up on The Doctors Show

Can your own stem cells help you avoid rotator cuff surgery? You may have seen our ground breaking stem cell rotator cuff procedure on The Doctor’s TV show. Two time Olympian Lloyd Eisler heard about our procedure from his actress wife (Kristy Swanson) who learned of it through another actor whose shoulder we treated. When…
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Rotator Cuff Tear Surgery Alternative: Precise Stem Cell Injections

Are precise stem cell injections a rotator cuff tear surgery alternative? This is the 2013 sub-analysis of data from our advanced treatment registry on patients with rotator cuff and labral tears treated with a very precise stem cell placement into their tears. A few things to note. First, these patients almost all had either a partial,…
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Shoulder Stem Cells: 2013 Regenexx Stem Cell Treatment Registry Data

Here’s our Shoulder Stem Cells 2013 registry data for shoulders treated with the Regenexx-SD procedure using the patient’s own stem cells. This is a mix of patients with rotator cuff tears, arthritis, labral tears, and instability. It also includes some cases from the RegenexxNetwork. Note that we’re reporting up to two year data (we have…
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Rotator Cuff Tear Recovery Time, Our Patient Registry, and an Excited iPad Mini Winner…

What do you do if you have a full thickness rotator cuff tear and are a medical professional with a practice full of patients that depend on you? Rotator cuff tear recovery time becomes a critical issue, as you simply can’t afford to take a couple of months off at home eating bon bons in…
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