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Shoulder Cartilage Regeneration with Stem Cells in Philly

We’re proud of our Regenexx network providers, who have been trained to perform the Regenexx-SD procedures among others. Recently a patient with significant shoulder arthritis was seen by our network provider in Philadelphia. The patient was injected with his own stem cells into the large shoulder joint as well as into the shoulder capsule and…
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Update on Chondrolysis Patient and Stem cells

I blogged on KH about 2 months ago. He’s a 38 year old male with the great misfortune of having the cartilage in his shoulder joint dissolved by a pain pump during a labral repair surgery. The challenge was given the damage done, to put together a shoulder chondrolysis treatment to address the individual components…
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4 Year Follow-up on Stem cell Treatment for Shoulder Rotator Cuff

We always get asked by patients how long we think the effects of a stem cell treatment for shoulder rotator cuff can last. One of the advantages of the Regenexx stem cell procedures is the long-term follow-up on our patients when these specific stem cell treatment protocols are used. AB is now 82 year old woman who we treated…
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Saving a Young Man’s Damaged Shoulder with Interventional Orthopedics

Shoulder Chrondolysis Treatment:  KH is a 38 year old male whose shoulder problems began with a labral tear in 2004. He had surgery for the labral tear and they used a pain pump, which dissolved his cartilage (chondrolysis). He ultimately went to see another surgeon who told him he needed a shoulder replacement. When he was first…
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Update: Severe Shoulder Rotator Cuff Tear treated with Stem Cells

A severe shoulder rotator cuff tear treated with stem cells? I’ve previously blogged on JS, the patient we treated with Regenexx-SD despite a severe rotator cuff tear. Since the tear in the rotator cuff was full thickness and retracted, we didn’t know if we could help, but this patient was adamant about avoiding surgery. His concern with…
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Stem Cells vs. PRP for Severe Shoulder Arthritis-Shoulder Replacement Alternatives?

Is Regenexx-SD a viable shoulder replacement alternative for the most severe shoulder arthritis patients? JW is a middle aged chiropractor from back east with a severe shoulder problem. The patient had been told for years that he desperately needed a shoulder replacement surgery if he wanted to continue to work. When his nephew (a local…
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Can Stem Cells heal a Retracted Rotator Cuff Tear?

Can a retracted rotator cuff tear stem cell injection work?  While we have treated many partial rotator cuff tears with stem cells, we haven’t traditionally treated complete, retracted rotator cuff tears with stem cell injections. This was  due to our concerns that the two ends of the tendon or muscle would need to be surgically pulled together…
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