Shoulder Surgery

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When Milligrams Are Toxic: Corticosteroids and Tissue Damage

Many physicians are addicted to using steroids despite research showing they damage orthopedic tissues like joints and tendons. However, this is just a problem of not understanding the proper dose to use, which has been caused by institutional momentum. Let’s dig into how these drugs cause havoc in the body and how they could be…read more

Is Bone Marrow Concentrate a Shoulder Rotator Cuff Fixer?

This week a Mayo Clinic registry-based study came out suggesting that bone marrow concentrate injections reduced shoulder rotator cuff surgery retear rates. Let’s look at that data in the context of what else has been published and investigate what we know about this treatment in shoulders. Let’s dig in. What Is Bone Marrow Concentrate? Can’t…read more

Shoulder Labrum Surgery Alternative For Faster Recovery

Shoulder surgery recovery can be a nightmare. Pain, months spent in a pillow immobilizer, and months more of rehab. Plus, what many patients don’t know, is that research has shown that surgery for a torn shoulder labrum isn’t all that successful.1,2 Here’s the story of one of our patients who chose to have stem cell…read more

Why It’s Time to Rethink Arthroscopy Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Centeno breaks down arthroscopy shoulder surgery, why it might be performed, and why you might want to rethink this surgery.

Why You Don’t Need Shoulder Separation Surgery

On this page: What is the AC joint? What happens in an AC joint separation? What does an AC joint separation feel like? Is shoulder separation surgery necessary? New research on surgery for AC joint dislocation When I was in medical school, I crashed a motorcycle and separated my shoulder. I was told back then…read more

What Percentage is “Useless Orthopedic Surgery” Based on Research?

This is a post that some orthopedic surgeons will hate but that needs to be written. This week, I decided to try and estimate the number of orthopedic surgeries that were still being done despite research showing they didn’t work. When I was done, I realized that a staggering 53% of orthopedic surgeries being performed…read more

Shoulder Replacement Recovery: Rotator Cuff Damage the Unwelcome Surprise

Way back when, at the turn of the century, the concept of the free lunch was introduced. It was offered by pubs owned by beer companies as a way to entice workers to buy more beer over their lunch hour. It included lots of salty items that went well with beer, prompting the proverbial retort…read more

Surgery for Big Rotator Cuff Tears Has High Retear Rates…

Rotator Cuff tears can be tricky. I think to best understand them, you need to ask your self why they happen in the first place. While some result from trauma, the vast majority of rotator cuff tears happen from simple wear and tear as we age.  Why would the most important group of muscles in the shoulder…read more
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