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Why Can’t I Lift My Arms Overhead?

I love when patients walk in and I can easily show them how their body works. This past week, I was able to do that with a patient who couldn’t lift his arms over his head. In seconds, I was able to fix that issue with a simple maneuver. In doing so, I demonstrated how…
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Biceps Tenodesis Side Effects: They Did What to You?

I have a running list that I keep of the dumbest surgeries. One of my criteria to make the list is when I first hear about the procedure from a patient I am shocked enough to say out loud, “They did what to you?” While I’ve known about the concept of tenodesis for many years,…
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A Patient from Our Rotator Cuff Stem Cell Injection RCT

We’ve been slowly recruiting for a randomized controlled trial for the last few years that compares rotator cuff tears treated with a precise injection of high-dose bone marrow concentrate (HD-BMC) with physical therapy. This morning I’d like to update everyone on where the Rotator Cuff Stem Cell Injection RCT study stands and show a before…
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Shoulder Separation Surgery Recovery: Research Shows You Don’t Need Surgery

When I was in medical school, I crashed a motorcycle and separated my shoulder. I was told back then that I could get surgery, but I didn’t do it. Why? I was concerned about AC joint separation recovery time after surgery. Now, 30 years later, I’m glad I didn’t have the surgery. Now I feel…
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Is Nonsurgical Treatment for Rotator Cuff Tears a Long-Term Solution?

In today’s modern world, if you’re middle-aged and feel a sudden stabbing pain in your shoulder and then it continues to ache, you get an MRI. If that shoulder study shows a big enough rotator cuff tear, you’re quickly spirited off to surgery. However, what would happen if you never had the surgery? Would it…
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A Shoulder Fracture Nonunion and AVN Update

It’s always good to follow-up with our patients to see how they did long-term. This morning I’d like to update you on a patient whose shoulder fractures were so severe, surgeons had nothing to offer. I gave you a short look at her Fracture Nonunion and Shoulder AVN treatment results back in 2015; this is where…
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RIP Shoulder Decompression Surgery: Another Common Orthopedic Surgery Bites the Dust

The orthopedic-surgery research this past decade has been like the Queen song “Another One Bites the Dust.” It seems like every month another randomized controlled trial shows that the common orthopedic procedures that patients sign up for every day fare no better than fake or placebo procedures. The most recent entry is shoulder decompression surgery. What…
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Weak Neck Muscles Can Cause Shoulder Trap Pain When Lifting

I have a way of knowing when my neck nerves are ramped up and my neck stabilizers are off line. My left upper trapezius muscle gets tight. This is a super common thing and most patients believe it has something to do with the actual muscle. So they stretch it and stretch it, only for…
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