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New Stanford Study: Risk of Dying from COVID Is 7 Times LESS than Spine Surgery

The lethality of COVID-19 should be driving our public health policy. Meaning, if this thing is really lethal we should be doing what we’re doing and erring on the side of staying shut down. If it’s much less lethal, we need to be thankful that we gave our health system a chance to catch up…
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Does Stem Cell Therapy Work for Back Pain?

Does stem cell therapy for back pain actually work? If so, can stem cell therapy work for degenerative disc disease? What kinds work better than others? Is stem cell therapy covered by insurance? And does Stem Cell Therapy Work for Back Pain? Let’s dig in. My Street Cred on Stem Cell Therapy for Back Pain…
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Lumbar Stenosis Treatment Without Surgery

One of the more amazing changes in our spine practice over the last several years has been on how we look at lumbar stenosis. I’ve gone from referring almost all of these patients to surgery to referring very few. Why? We reimagined what was going on with these patients. Lumbar stenosis treatment without surgery is…
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New Research: Low Back Fusion Surgeries Are Ineffective

Low back fusion in medicine is one of those procedures that some doctors have come to hate. Why? While a handful of patients do fine, many become lifelong patients with new problems caused by the procedure. So I have to say that I’m happy that the research has finally caught up to what we see…
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Low Back BioDisc: The Kitchen Sink Approach

If you read this blog, you know that I tend to blog about what happens in daily practice. Hence, I just learned of a new spine-treatment approach from a patient who asked me to review his medical records to see if I could help his long-standing low back pain. In the records, it was called…
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Leg Muscle Wasting as You Age? Take a Look at the Low Back Nerves

Have you ever noticed that thinner older people have flatter butts and skinnier legs compared to young people? According to new research, this isn’t just your imagination, but a real physiologic effect of aging. One that again shows us how much the nerve supply of the low back impacts our legs without us knowing it’s…
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Another Lower Back Stem Cell Injection Patient Result

Way back when, in 2005/6, when I injected the first patient in the world with stem cells into a damaged low back disc, it was “way out there.” In fact, we had to be under the supervision of an Institutional Review Board just to get it done. How times have changed in 13 short years.…
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Lower Back Stem Cell Treatment: Top 5 Things to Know

In the last few years, there’s been an explosion in chiropractic and other clinics offering lower back stem cell treatments. The big problem, however, is that while some of these stem cell treatments are real, the vast majority are fake or just poorly done. As the first physician in the world to perform lower back…
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