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Does the Lower Body Protect the Upper Body from Running Injuries?

Running is one of those sports that about the age of 40 or 50, people go two different directions. Either they haven’t gotten a significant injury and they keep running or they stop running due to injury. What’s the difference between these two groups? In all honesty, we really don’t know with 100% certainty yet, but…
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Land like a Ballerina to Avoid Female ACL Injuries

In the United States, in over a decade, we’ve seen a greater-than 900% increase in ACL injuries in girl’s sports. Interestingly, despite this epidemic, research shows that in comparison, ballerinas rarely have ACL injuries and are certainly much less likely to injure their ACLs than other female athletes. So the question is why? The answer…
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Why You Can’t Inject a Torn Knee ACL with Ultrasound

When we first began injecting ACL tears with stem cells many years ago, we tried quite a few techniques. At first, it was a very difficult injection that wasn’t reliable. However, after some anatomy review and testing several methods, we finally settled on a procedure that produced reliable results and then began teaching that through…
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The Side Effects of Orthopedic Surgery: Doubling Down at the Great Orthopedic Surgery Casino

What are the side effects of orthopedic surgery? One of the more disturbing things we see in interventional orthopedics is patients who have undergone multiple aggressive types of orthopedic surgery. The behavior is a bit like a gambler at a casino. If you don’t hit it big the first time, keep doubling down until you…
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Back of Knee Pain? What’s Wrong?

I talk a lot about knee pain and what to do and what not to do about it. This time, I want to pinpoint a precise location: the back of the knee. What does it mean, and what exactly could be causing your back of knee pain? Let’s first address this by looking at what…
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Hamstrings Surgery Recovery? There Is No Such Thing as the Hamstrings

We all know the hamstrings muscle because, for many people, it’s usually tight. Or perhaps you know it because it’s always getting pulled. Or maybe you or a loved one has torn it and is worried about hamstrings surgery recovery. What if I told you the muscle doesn’t exist in the first place? Every medical…
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New Cycling Pedals May Help Kneecap Burnout?

Believe it or not, I was a big cyclist in high school. While the sport is really popular right now, back then it was pretty obscure, which is likely why I liked it. I had a short career that was eventually ended by kneecap pain. Now, a new company is marketing pedals that I just…
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Athletes with Sports Injuries Don’t Have to Settle for Slow Recovery Times

It’s a typical scene these days. You follow a sports team and want them to make it to the playoffs this year. Then an injury happens to one of their superstar athletes and the team falls apart because the player will miss the rest of the season due to surgery. Is there a better way?…
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