Big Procedures, Big Problems. Little Procedures, Little Problems

I’ll never forget my brother-in-law’s comments when our kids were young. Having older kids at the time, he told us, “Little kids, little problems. Big kids, big problems”. Today I’ll modify his advice to “Big procedures, big problems. Little procedures, little problems”. Let’s dig in. The Trend Towards Minimally Invasive Care Minimally invasive in medicine…read more

1 in 8 Orthopedic Surgeries Lead to Heart Damage

Sometimes a paper comes along that breaks my brain. This is one of those research studies which is in the form of a position paper published by the American Heart Association. It basically says that some people are getting heart damage during routine surgery. So let’s dig in because when I first read it yesterday,…read more

Are Bone Spurs Bad? Bone Is Alllllliiiiivvvveeee…

Are bone spurs bad? Bone spurs inspire fear in the hearts and minds of most patients, kind of like The Blob from a bad ’60s horror movie. When they hear that they have them, they’re immediately freaked out. However, much like the title of Stanley Kubrick’s ’60s movie, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to…read more
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