Treatment Failures

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“It’s Not My Knee”-A New Study Looks at Knee Replacement Failures

Patients generally believe that you pull yourself up to the knee repair station and you get your joint replaced like you would get a new muffler or carburetor. “Good as new” is often how they conceptualize knee replacement. However, the reality is much different. Now a new study looks at the idea that patients sometimes…read more

That Second Knee Replacement Could Be a Problem…

The problem of a younger person getting a knee replacement has always been, what happens when the surgery needs to be redone? Meaning that most honest surgeons try to steer their patients to get a knee replacement surgery when they are as old as possible. Now new research adds weight to that decision-making process. Let’s…read more

Knee Replacement Failures in the News

Most patients believe that a knee replacement is like replacing a worn out or broken part in your car. However, these past few years news stories have begun to appear that show the reality of what’s really happening in patients. Let’s dig in. Danette’s Story This appeared in the Washington Post about a woman with…read more

Meniscus Surgery Failure? The Evidence Mounts…

It seems like meniscus surgery has become a modern rite of passage for active people. A middle-aged person gets knee pain while doing something active, and sometimes a pop or shift is felt. The knee swells and becomes painful, and activity is difficult. An MRI shows a meniscus tear, and surgery ensues. Is the problem…read more

Your PRP Didn’t Work. Now What?

On this page: What is PRP? What are the types of PRP? What are PRP injections used to treat? Why does PRP fail? Platelet rich plasma, or PRP, is becoming well known these days, with many professional athletes using it to return to play faster and with many weekend warriors following their lead. But for some, there…read more
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