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Upper Back Stomach Pain: Saving a Life

In treating patients in pain all day every day, every once in a while, you can save a life. So today’s patient story is about just that, a patient with a pinched nerve in his upper back who had “upper back stomach pain” that was so severe that he was contemplating suicide. I just saw…
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My New Book: The Spine Owner’s Manual

Ever since I wrote the third edition of Orthopedics 2.0, I’ve dreamt of writing body-area-specific versions. You see, the issue with Ortho 2.0 is that it tries to cover so much of the real estate of the body, it’s tough to provide a lot of information about any one area. That’s now been fixed for…
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How to Get Off Migraine Medications: Trudy’s Story

When Trudy first walked into the office I’m not ashamed to say that I was overwhelmed. Not only did she want to know how to get off migraine medications, but also how to get off other meds she was taking for her neck, back, shoulders, and knees. She could only stand for 5 minutes before…
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What Causes Shoulder Arthritis?

What causes shoulder arthritis? See that shoulder x-ray up there with that big bone spur in the bottom of the joint? That scares me. This past month or two, my shoulders have been aching. As a now 50 year old physician who loves to lift weights, maybe this shouldn’t be too surprising? However, I’ve also…
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Upper Back Surgery Procedures to Avoid

I always tell my patients that upper back surgery procedures are awful. If you happen to have a big herniated upper back disc pressing on your nerves and spinal cord or bony stenosis doing the same, an upper back surgery to remove the pressure is a much bigger and more invasive procedure than even low…
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