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ACL Tear Stem Cell Injection: Ultrasound vs. Fluoroscopy

There’s been a lot of controversy lately over whether an ACL Tear Stem Cell Injection can be properly performed using ultrasound. Some physicians cite a paper published in 2015 that seems to show ultrasound can get the job done, and while this may be true for intact ACLs, where injecting them from the bottom of…read more

Your Knee Pain Is Most Likely Due to Knee Arthritis Nerve Pain

>>Skip ahead in the article: knee arthritis nerve pain Modern orthopedics is all about structure. However, there’s a big problem with this focus. Recent research shows that this model is seriously flawed. For example, it’s an urban myth that cartilage loss in the knee is associated with knee pain, and most orthopedic surgeons today replace…read more

Multifidus Back Pain: Why Isn’t Your Doctor Talking About It?

Many people have multifidus back pain, but most have never been diagnosed with it. In fact, you’ve likely never even heard of multifidus back pain because you doctor probably has never talked about it. If he or she isn’t looking at your multifidus when looking for the cause of back pain, he or she is…read more

Centeno-Schultz Clinic Doctors—John Pitts, MD: Practicing What He Preaches

Being a healthy person is about living a healthy lifestyle on a day-to-day basis, and Dr. Pitts not only teaches and encourages this concept, he practices what he preaches. So what exactly does he preach? The implementation of lifestyle changes to improve your overall quality of life through avenues such as physical activity, diet, posture…read more

How AI Will Change Medicine by Bypassing Human Brains

The human brain has been moving medical science forward for centuries, but now that we have fully entered an age of rapid advances in machine learning, the human brain may be beginning to hold us back. As a result, we are about to embark on the biggest change in the scientific method since Aristotle. I’m…read more

Does Concentrated PRP Hurt or Help Tendon Healing?

If you inject PRP into tendons that is just 3-5 times concentrated (which most systems produce), at least according to one study, you may be poisoning rather than helping tendon cells. Is this true? How is it possible that you get great results injecting tendons with PRP and the in-vitro research says that you shouldn’t…read more

Pain After Back Surgery? Did the Surgeon Leave a Big Hole in Your Fascia?

In the world of human anatomy, there is a part of the body that doesn’t get a whole lot of attention despite the fact it has a huge job. This structure is the thoracodorsal fascia. If you’ve had low-back surgery, your surgeon cut through your thoracodorsal fascia to access your spine, but is it possible…read more

Julie’s Christmas Wish: The 2016 Update

I love the holidays. Christmas was always a special time at the Centeno household, a moment where the world revolved around the kids. So this Christmas Eve, I want to leave you with my favorite Regenexx video. Julie’s Christmas spirit is enough to get us all in the holiday mood! What Was Wrong with Julie?…read more
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