Carpal Tunnel Release and Wrist Instability

I was on a telemedicine visit with a physician-patient and he brought up that he regretted his carpal tunnel release because that caused an unstable and arthritic wrist. So is this a thing? Does carpal tunnel release cause wrist arthritis? Let’s dig in. What is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? Since carpal tunnel release is the treatment…read more

What is Intersection Syndrome?

Intersection syndrome is a diagnosis that’s given to patients with a painful condition of the forearm and wrist. What causes this problem? How is it diagnosed? Can it be treated? If so, how? What is Intersection Syndrome? Intersection syndrome is defined by pain on the back thumb side of the wrist. This can occur in…read more

There’s a Reason Success Rates for Wrist Replacement Are So Low: It Isn’t the Answer!

You never realize how big a deal your hands are until something goes wrong with them and all of a sudden you can’t write, carry things, or type without pain. There are few good treatment options for problems with wrist arthritis and pain at the base of the thumb, and a recent study showing a scary low…read more

Foot Fusion Complications and Wrist Surgery Side Effects: A Tale of Two Screws…

If you’re concerned about foot fusion complications or wrist surgery side effects…read on. This week I evaluated two patients who have been regrettably bitten by the big complications associated with big orthopedic surgery procedures. Both back to back patients had an issue with a screw placed to electively fuse an area in hopes of relieving pain…read more
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