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Sometimes being a daily blogger is like being a performer in an empty theater with a camera. You’re never quite sure if anyone is watching, but you keep doing your thing, hoping there is an audience. Yesterday I asked my regular readers to comment on whether I should continue blogging on coronavirus. I have to say that I was overwhelmed by the response! Thank you for taking the time to interact and let me know you’re out there and what you think! More than 90% of you want more corona content! Hence, I heard you and I will continue to ask the tough questions about corona and blog about it. Sunday will be my next COVID blog, while today I’m covering a regenerative medicine mystery.

Here are some of my favorite comments. Have a great weekend!

  • K. A. Robitschek-Please continue covid19 topics. The pandemic is not over. So much loss of this focus conveys wrong message that all is done now. I appreciate the well read voice that you bring. I came for the pandemic info. I’ve taken in, learned, and come to value regenerative medicine information also. Thank you
  • Susie C-Reading your blog is what keeps me from spiraling out of control. I’ve been thought to critically think and ask questions. That’s what your writing does for me. It answers the questions I have and makes me feel more at peace. I wish more people would read and analyze facts/numbers/the ” media narrative”. Maybe morepeople wouldn’t be freaking out and would be more inclined to cooperate if they took the time to understand the science or the media would report with calm journalistic integrity. Pleaseeee keep doing what you’re doing! THANK YOU!
  • Dan-Your blog is the only way for people without PhDs like myself to understand the data regarding COVID. There are several blogs, news outlets, talking heads etc that talk about the numbers but at this point you are the only one that has actually shown the data that helped you draw the conclusions. Please continue with your coverage of COVID
  • Tes-Please more Corona content. You have done such a wonderful job and have helped me from going insane.
  • Jenna-Yes, please stay on the coronavirus case!! You’re a source of credible information because you do your homework and cite the facts. You’ve been my rock throughout this pandemic and helped maintain my sanity. I’ve forwarded your blogs to numerous friends and family. I found you because of your appearance on Dan Bongino’s podcast and I’ve been a follower ever since. I greatly appreciate you considering our input. Thanks so much!!!
  • Vince Sumpter-A hearty “THUMBS UP” from me Dr. Centeno! I consider myself fortunate to have found your blog. I’m not currently a prospective patient for your Regenerative procedures, but turned to your blog for exactly the reasons you’ve cited. I don’t trust the mainstream media, and get most of my news from less biased sources (typically the Financial Times, or The Economist). I find your musings to be witty and intelligent. And occasionally irreverent. So, to me, you are spot on and I will continue to watch for the email that alerts me to a new post. On any given day, if you’re blogging about something that’s not of interest, it takes me 2-3 clicks to move on. I don’t understand why others, who don’t wish their COVID world view to be challenged, can’t do the same. Best, -v
  • J. Herndon-Please continue your COVID coverage; I started reading your blog due to your interview with Dan Bongino and am now considering seeking treatment with Regenxx for a bothersome knee (too many years of sports, caving and fieldwork). You have been a voice of reason about COVID and I greatly appreciate your perspective. Please continue your COVID blogs and providing your perspective.
  • Stacey Kaufman-While I don’t always agree with your Covid related conclusions, I LOVE that you blog about it. Intelligent people keep an open mind, want to know what people we respect, (like you), think and can share with us. You have access to, and take the time to cull through information before thoughtfully sharing with us. What you’re doing is important and very much appreciated. Please, please, please continue, and thank you!
  • Jennifer Lee-More on Corona please! You are the only source I trust precisely because you’ve spent the last ten years uncovering or digging in to find the truth. We trust you. Please don’t abandon us to mainstream media. I will pray a Rosary for you that your soul is strengthened in prudence and courage.
  • Frank Romeo-Yes, science is an unending thirst. I have garnered more facts on Covid 19 from your blog then the sum total of nonsense printed. Clicks are.more important than science to writers. How else do you explain the politification of data printed. Obsession with the number infected, hypocricy of a closed work place yet applauding protest, skewed analysis of potential treatments, the rediculous acceptance of Chinese data without source data. The madness of CDC proclamations, don’t wear masks, do wear masks, the virus is no problem, it’s an apocalyptic. Yours is a bright spot in rational analysis.
  • Josh-Chris, I find your analysis a refreshing voice in a sea of “noise” about COVID-19. I also enjoy your posts on orthopedic conditions and their management as that relates to my field. In short, you are on the right track and it is appreciated.
  • T.J. Williams, MD-Please keep on with the Coronavirus info !!!!!!! The data available is highly suspect from the news media as well as various Health Departments. the critical information is not available or hidden. We don’t need sensationalism just some facts to make our own decisions. I am appreciative of your research and application of such. Thank you !
  • susan-Please continue the coronavirus discussion. You are a voice of reason in a sometimes crazy cacophony of information. I work in healthcare and use your blogs as one of my primary sources to synthesize facts and research to speak to the panic-causing misinformation coming at us in much of the media. We NEED the education and information your blogs provide. Thank you for what you do
  • Skip-Been a loyal reader for years and appreciate your research and comments on something that has affected each and every one of us. I’ve learned more than I would have just listening to the media and the facts you have provided actually put the real risks in perspective. Thanks and continue to keep us informed.
  • Brad Franklin-Mr. Centeno, What you are doing is a service to all of us. I don’t agree with everything you say, but you speak from the heart, unapologetically, and respectfully. You also admit when you need to change your position. That’s unfortunately rare, so I hope you’ll keep up the great, relevant conversations while sharing your perspectives on the latest stem cell news and research.
  • Karen-I am a retired PhD/MD who is aghast at the COVID media coverage. I read as much of the actual research as possible and try to answer friends/relatives questions. It is imperative that you continue to cover the virus in your straight forward manner. And it is also pleasant to read someone’ s comments with which I agree!
  • Fran Brennan-Dr Centeno . . . Love you love your stem cell work and love that you care enough about your patients to provide us with real facts and concrete facts on COVID-19 and not just have only political media hype for information often not accurate!! Keep up the great work. Many appreciate you and all your research!!
  • June Winfield-Yes, please, please continue with your rational analysis of the many aspects of Covid-19 and related subjects. So informational and something I haven’t found anywhere else. Please keep doing this excellent work for all of us!! I sincerely thank you!!
  • Robin-I look forward to your blogs on Corona content every day and admire and appreciate the intellectual “heavy lifting” involved in researching and writing them. I have learned so much and would miss your Corona blogs; I hope you keep going. I am not “done with it” any more than this country is done with Covid-19. Thank you for your excellent work.
  • Don Speakman-I think you did a fantastic job giving us logic unbiased information that was sound and accurate. To me you were a much better source than the media. I think the overall negativity of the media is a tremendous problem in America today! Thanks and keep on blogging.

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