Looking for Reader Advice: More Corona or Not?

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I’ve been blogging for more than a decade and have created more than 3,000 posts. In that time I guess I’ve established a brand that has certain core values. The Coronavirus pandemic has been interesting to me personally to cover, as it fits with many of those core principles. However, do my readers think I should keep covering this topic, or move back to only blogging on orthobiologics?  Let’s dig in.

The Regenexx Blog

This blog began as a way for me to keep up with the scientific literature that was being published in orthopedics and regenerative medicine. It was a way for me to slow down long enough to be forced to read, digest, and then translate studies into common English. However, through the years, it also turned into a place where people could come to cut through the B.S. and hype in orthopedics and regenerative medicine and figure out the real deal. Hence, we’ve tackled scams, hyped products, and therapies, and in the process, I have sought to educate patients on how to be sharp and astute consumers of healthcare.

When the Coronavirus hit and the world shut down, I was bombarded with questions from friends, family, and patients about the virus. At first, this was way off-topic for me. However, in keeping with the original intent of this blog, by translating hardcore science articles on the virus I was able to dig in and learn what was going on. In addition, what I found wasn’t always in keeping with the media narrative. Busting those myths was also in keeping with the original intent of this blog.  I have always taken on the status quo or what is being sold to patients and held it up to a bright light for inspection.

My Corona Fans and Detractors

Many love what they read here about Corona. They love reading if what they’re hearing from the media can be verified scientifically or not. However, some haven’t liked it. They seem upset that I’m questioning the status quo on COVID-19. I also think they have high regard for their media sources and don’t like seeing that information challenged.

The Next Step?

So what’s my next step? Do I decide to keep digging into the science to see if the COVID media narrative can be supported? Do I just return to my usual topics in orthopedics and regenerative medicine?  I would like my loyal readers to answer that question for me.

Hence, if you want to see more Corona content, leave a comment below. If you’re done with it or this type of content, let me know that too.

The upshot? I write this blog as a way to educate myself and others. Sometimes it’s also a personal catharsis. However, I also write it so that my loyal readers can resonate with the content. Hence, I’d like your feedback on the Corona topics I’ve been covering!

This blog post provides general information to help the reader better understand regenerative medicine, musculoskeletal health, and related subjects. All content provided in this blog, website, or any linked materials, including text, graphics, images, patient profiles, outcomes, and information, are not intended and should not be considered or used as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Please always consult with a professional and certified healthcare provider to discuss if a treatment is right for you.

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99 thoughts on “Looking for Reader Advice: More Corona or Not?

  1. Scott Holt

    Hi Dr. Centeno,

    Great blog. However, I prefer to see more informative info about regenerative medicine. I’m constantly bombarded with articles from others, with false info about PRP/Stem Cells. Learning more about how effective PRP/Stem Cells are, and getting accurate info from this blog has always been the best part.

    Please do whatever you can move regenerative medicine forward!


  2. Anshul

    Yes to more COVID content. The pandemic has a very significant impact on all medical fields including orthopedics/orthobiologics.

  3. Barbara Buzako

    Please continue. You are a voice of reason and we need that to separate fact from fear.

  4. Marty Nichols

    I have greatly enjoyed all of your blog posts including your blogs regarding COVID. It is very difficult to get real science right now regarding COVID that does not focus on a narrative, I believe you do a nice job of presenting the reality not just the hype. I have pointed many people to your site for information and always get a positive response. The people I have referred to your site share my respect for your ability to simplify the data as in your recent blog comparing COVID to spine surgery. I would love to see a blog on the actual reporting of COVID and the difference between being positive at the time of death vs dying from. Also any blogs on the economic impact this is having on medicine would be of interest.

  5. Carol

    Find your blogs on Corona topics very helpful in sorting out the often conflicting info in the media.

  6. Stacey Kaufman

    While I don’t always agree with your Covid related conclusions, I LOVE that you blog about it. Intelligent people keep an open mind, want to know what people we respect, (like you), think and can share with us. You have access to, and take the time to cull through information before thoughtfully sharing with us. What you’re doing is important and very much appreciated. Please, please, please continue, and thank you!

  7. K. A. Robitschek

    Please continue covid19 topics. The pandemic is not over. So much loss of this focus conveys wrong message that all is done now. I appreciate the well read voice that you bring.

    I came for the pandemic info. I’ve taken in, learned, and come to value regenerative medicine information also. Thank you

  8. Sam

    YES, YES, YES – Absolutely!

    Covid-19 is a medical issue that is in-FLU-encing / de-TERiOR-ating all aspects of life from its socioeconomic layers to its “biological” core. Very few medical experts have shown the COURAGE to “be logical” with Covid-19 and set it Ortho (straight). As Nelson Mandela said “education is the most powerful WEapon which can be used to CHANGE the world”.

    In a time that Covid-19 is being abused by so called 1% and their mouthpieces (pay-for-play media) to justify a so called “great reset” to their benefit but to the detriment of so called 99%, setting the logic Ortho thereby empowering the 99% to “be logical” by taking responsibility for their socioeconomic / ”biological” life, is the CHANGE that is deeply needed and the COURAGE that is greatly saluted.

    Long Live Dr. Centeno!

  9. Gary Matthies

    I definitely like your Covid 19 blogs and want to see them continue. I have shared them on Facebook and get a lot of blowback from the sheeple that believe all the hype from the mainstream media without thinking. You are the voice of reason and I appreciate it.

  10. Tim Dangelo

    Keep going with the COVID articles. They’re a breath of fresh air in the never ending news cycle of gloom the media pitches.

  11. Susie C

    Reading your blog is what keeps me from spiraling out of control. I’ve been thought to critically think and ask questions. That’s what your writing does for me. It answers the questions I have and makes me feel more at peace. I wish more people would read and analyze facts/numbers/the ” media narrative”. Maybe morepeople wouldn’t be freaking out and would be more inclined to cooperate if they took the time to understand the science or the media would report with calm journalistic integrity. Pleaseeee keep doing what you’re doing! THANK YOU!

  12. Ai

    A healthy balance of the COVID studies and findings and information regarding regenerative meds are much appreciated.

  13. Dan

    Your blog is the only way for people without PhDs like myself to understand the data regarding COVID. There are several blogs, news outlets, talking heads etc that talk about the numbers but at this point you are the only one that has actually shown the data that helped you draw the conclusions. Please continue with your coverage of COVID

  14. Tes

    Please more Corona content. You have done such a wonderful job and have helped me from going insane.

  15. Gail Rathe

    Please continue with your covid research. I consider you a trusted source! Also keep up the good work with orthopedic research. You are much needed!!

  16. Karen K Mayer

    I am gratified by your investigation of what has been “said” about the coronavirus. More that ever before, way too many people, media, in power have acted upon the knowledge that it is Legal to lie because it must be proven they intended to lie to harm another…..therefore they are safe to lie—especially media & those most vocal……………..sociopaths-rule-the-world!

  17. Jenna

    Yes, please stay on the coronavirus case!! You’re a source of credible information because you do your homework and cite the facts. You’ve been my rock throughout this pandemic and helped maintain my sanity. I’ve forwarded your blogs to numerous friends and family. I found you because of your appearance on Dan Bongino’s podcast and I’ve been a follower ever since. I greatly appreciate you considering our input. Thanks so much!!!

  18. Randy

    Dr Centeno,
    please continue, in my opinion, you are a voice of logic, statistics and non political bias On the corona virus and I value your opinions on possible upcoming vaccines and the every elusive CURE. Thanks

  19. Vince Sumpter

    A hearty “THUMBS UP” from me Dr. Centeno!
    I consider myself fortunate to have found your blog. I’m not currently a prospective patient for your Regenerative procedures, but turned to your blog for exactly the reasons you’ve cited. I don’t trust the mainstream media, and get most of my news from less biased sources (typically the Financial Times, or The Economist).
    I find your musings to be witty and intelligent. And occasionally irreverent.
    So, to me, you are spot on and I will continue to watch for the email that alerts me to a new post.
    On any given day, if you’re blogging about something that’s not of interest, it takes me 2-3 clicks to move on.
    I don’t understand why others, who don’t wish their COVID world view to be challenged, can’t do the same.

  20. Russell

    I have no problem with your continued CCP coverage. I greatly appreciate your research, reviews and insight. Thank you!

  21. Larry K.

    Keep it up Chris. The so-called Pandemic experts and the media profess to know everything about viruses, even non-viruses. Truth shall set us all free!

  22. J. Herndon

    Please continue your COVID coverage; I started reading your blog due to your interview with Dan Bongino and am now considering seeking treatment with Regenxx for a bothersome knee (too many years of sports, caving and fieldwork). You have been a voice of reason about COVID and I greatly appreciate your perspective. Please continue your COVID blogs and providing your perspective.

  23. Christine Edgar

    Please keep covering Corona. I’ve come to trust you over any media source.

  24. Bob Dahl

    Well, this paragraph pretty well biases things: “However, some haven’t liked it. They seem upset that I’m questioning the status quo on COVID-19. I also think they have high regard for their media sources and don’t like seeing that information challenged.” Obviously, if we would prefer you stick to the wonderful blogs you write about stemcell procedures and not deal with the Coronavirus, we must be biased, thus discrediting or discounting or deminishing the legitimacy of our opinions. So much for scientific objectivity. I am a Regenexx patient and recipient of three stem cell procedures in my knees. And, by the way, still jogging almost six years after the first procedure. Thank you, Regenexx, for the wonderful work.

  25. Frank D. Manart, MD

    Chris — I appreciate your comments and concerns regarding the Coronavirus. The endemic affects not only medicine but all aspects of our culture. Your looking beyond the box of PRP and stem cells has helped me understand COVID a little better. Thank you.

  26. Ray Nicholus

    I think that all of your narratives are very enlightening. The blogs on the corona virus are particularly insightful as they provide a perspective that is factual and not just some reporter’s biased opinion that is unsupported by any facts. Most of what is published in the media is truly “junk science”. If I had a dollar for each directive from WHO or the NIH or Dr. Fauci, that was later retracted I would be a millionaire.
    I wish your blogs on the virus were picked up in the mainstream media but that is just wishful thinking.

  27. David Faure

    Keep the COVID content coming!

  28. Janis Paquette

    Please keep up the Covid19 posts! You’re one of the few sources for sensible advice!

  29. Jennifer Lee

    More on Corona please! You are the only source I trust precisely because you’ve spent the last ten years uncovering or digging in to find the truth. We trust you. Please don’t abandon us to mainstream media. I will pray a Rosary for you that your soul is strengthened in prudence and courage.

  30. Frank Romeo

    Yes, science is an unending thirst. I have garnered more facts on Covid 19 from your blog then the sum total of nonsense printed. Clicks are.more important than science to writers. How else do you explain the politification of data printed. Obsession with the number infected, hypocricy of a closed work place yet applauding protest, skewed analysis of potential treatments, the rediculous acceptance of Chinese data without source data. The madness of CDC proclamations, don’t wear masks, do wear masks, the virus is no problem, it’s an apocalyptic. Yours is a bright spot in rational analysis.

  31. Randy L. Sparacino

    I think your insights on the coronavirus have been excellent and give a scientific perspective that may not be found elsewhere. Keep doing it!

  32. Edward Donle

    More Coronavirus content, I really enjoy reading the real facts.

  33. Josh


    I find your analysis a refreshing voice in a sea of “noise” about COVID-19. I also enjoy your posts on orthopedic conditions and their management as that relates to my field. In short, you are on the right track and it is appreciated.

  34. Pat

    I like your coverage of the virus. You support your statements with proven scientific fact. Please continue your great coverage. You separate fact from fiction. Thank you.

  35. Richard Crandlemire

    Keep up the good work!!!

  36. AL Wekelo

    Yes please continue to give us fact based balanced info on covid-19 and mix it up with your usually course of great material.

  37. j henry altman

    Dr C
    I like your blogs. They are logical,
    concise and informative.
    However I live in a very rural area
    where there are no carona deaths
    in our county and think this whole thing is a political scam.
    I did recently get regenexx therapy
    for a bad knee and after 6 weeks i do see some improvement.
    I played tennis carefully yesterday
    with no pain. No running at all.
    So im more interested in post
    regenexx results and expectations.
    John. Northern Calif.

  38. Scott V

    Yes, yes and YES! Your blog is the voice of reason, the solid ground in the melting quicksand of mis-information, the level head in a world of turbulence, what we look forward to when we’re tired of hearing the facts get spun every which way they can to sell ads. Please keep the comforting, or at least sensible, words coming.

  39. Bob K. SC

    More corona, please.

  40. Dr Charles Bronder

    Please continue CCP virus analysis including best treatment methods and options

  41. T.J. Williams, MD

    Please keep on with the Coronavirus info !!!!!!! The data available is highly suspect from the news media as well as various Health Departments. the critical information is not available or hidden. We don’t need sensationalism just some facts to make our own decisions. I am appreciative of your research and application of such. Thank you !

  42. Stephanie Johnson

    Yes keep talking about CoVid. I’m 64 and it’s a comfort to read science and statistics.

  43. joseph camporeale

    Please continue! I like someone like you to bust up the fake media causing panic


    Please keep the Corona Info coming. I trust your info based on research, not hype.

  45. Faith

    Dr. Centeno
    I’ve like that you are challenging the status quo. Please keep up the study into what is happening with the COVID and looking for the truth.

  46. susan

    Please continue the coronavirus discussion. You are a voice of reason in a sometimes crazy cacophony of information. I work in healthcare and use your blogs as one of my primary sources to synthesize facts and research to speak to the panic-causing misinformation coming at us in much of the media. We NEED the education and information your blogs provide. Thank you for what you do

  47. Skip

    Been a loyal reader for years and appreciate your research and comments on something that has affected each and every one of us. I’ve learned more than I would have just listening to the media and the facts you have provided actually put the real risks in perspective. Thanks and continue to keep us informed.

  48. Brad Franklin

    Mr. Centeno,
    What you are doing is a service to all of us. I don’t agree with everything you say, but you speak from the heart, unapologetically, and respectfully. You also admit when you need to change your position. That’s unfortunately rare, so I hope you’ll keep up the great, relevant conversations while sharing your perspectives on the latest stem cell news and research.

  49. Jim Hutchinson

    We need to learn a view other than that of the media as long as it’s backed with scientific articles as you have offered.

  50. Nicholette

    Yes, please continue the covid updates. Yours is a voice of sanity in this otherwise lock-down, faceless society. Orthopedics, too, if you can manage both. Many thanks.

  51. Jennie Phippen

    Please continue to report on Covid issues. Your research is very informative. Thank you.

  52. Karen

    I am a retired PhD/MD who is aghast at the COVID media coverage. I read as much of the actual research as possible and try to answer friends/relatives questions. It is imperative that you continue to cover the virus in your straight forward manner. And it is also pleasant to read someone’ s comments with which I agree!

  53. Janet

    YES, please continue with Covid-19. Your blog has been a place that I have come to to get accurate information about the pandemic, and I appreciate it. I’ve also enjoyed reading the articles in orthopedic and regenerative medicine from time to time.

  54. Fran Brennan

    Dr Centeno . . . Love you love your stem cell work and love that you care enough about your patients to provide us with real facts and concrete facts on COVID-19 and not just have only oolitical media hype for information often not accurate!! Keep up the great work. Many appreciate you and all your research!!

  55. Jay Deiglmeier

    More Covid content

  56. Eugene Iacino

    I have appreciated the information you have provided about the virus and urge you to continue to provide a sane voice among the scare tactics of the media.

  57. Barb

    Yes, please continue to educate us on things like COVID-19! Your posts have been very informative, thank you!

  58. Deb Wuchner

    I like your coverage of the virus. It’s info that I can trust. There is so much misinformation in the media, I appreciate your blog based on science and presented in a non bias way.

  59. Eveline Eilert

    Please continue. It is good to get some real science.

  60. June Winfield

    Yes, please, please continue with your rational analysis of the many aspects of Covid-19 and related subjects. So informational and something I haven’t found anywhere else. Please keep doing this excellent work for all of us!! I sincerely thank you!!

  61. Janet Corbitt

    Please continue researching coronavirus. You blog is one of the few reasonable sources of information out there.

  62. Cindy

    Dr. Centeno,
    I so appreciate your digging to get to the TRUTH about the Covid situation. Please continue!
    God bless all your efforts!

  63. Ray DJ

    Dr Centano – I greatly appreciate your ability to make scientific studies understandable and synthesizing what we are learning, as a result. Especially when you highlight if we need to adjust to new findings, or anticipate the questions remaining unanswered.

    I find the Covid info more immediately useful, but you have also introduced me to the field of regenerative medicine.

    Thank you!

  64. Sat Ganesha Khalsa

    I definitely want you to keep going with the Covid information! If there are people who prefer not, than I am good with you doing a periodic COVID…1 per week or 1-4 or ? As far as if I believe you or not…you are one of the few who is presenting another narrative (publicly) for discussion and I greatly appreciate that regardless of if I believe or not. My objective these days is to be able to listen and consider an alternative narrative.

  65. Terry

    I think it’s fine if you continue to do a SCIENCE based analysis of C-19. It was politicized by Trump & he’s responsible for much of the misinformation altho Birx/Fauci/CDC have failed to be forthright & at times deviated from reliable international studies on Covid viruses, viability on surfaces, utility of masks, rx’ing DIY very ineffective cloth masks,etc. I am no med expert but I do have an MS science degree & have read all the Covid studies I could get access to. With 1 exception I thought your Covid blogs were very useful & insightful. I disagreed with condemnation of the media coverage only in that you appeared to take as valid the ‘data’ provided by a couple of state govs that had already been revealed as manipulating data or failing to collect full data in order to make Covid look OK for ‘openingup”. Keep on keeping on. I admire, respect & value your science-based analyses & you have done an immense service in revealing the deceptions & health hazards of unscupulous pretenders on regenerative med.

  66. Sreenivas

    Hello Doctor,
    For a common man, the information that you compose in to your blogs is really simple to understand and intuitive. With the pandemic all around, I think there is much higher stress toll on the public due to various mis-information or hyped information all around and your analysis presented in your blogs come in as a big relief or eye openers. I would love to see such diverse topics covered in your blogs. And definitely yes for more updates about the nCoV evolution.

  67. Ingrid

    I really appreciate an unbiased presentation of the facts! The media continues to only emphasize half truths that fit their narrative.


    Yes on covid 19-how about Lyme arthritis?

  69. Chris

    Yes, please continue digging into covid-19 research and news. This virus will be with us for awhile. Your blogs about covid help provide stability in a sea of confusion. They help me stay healthy mentally and emotionally which ends up helping with the the musculoskelatal issues I deal with. So actually your covid blogs are another form of regenerative medicine. Thanks for doing this.

  70. Donna Manning

    Yes, continue with corona if you see something that needs to be clarified. You can Read through the medical we do not understand.

  71. Robin

    I look forward to your blogs on Corona content every day and admire and appreciate the intellectual “heavy lifting” involved in researching and writing them. I have learned so much and would miss your Corona blogs; I hope you keep going. I am not “done with it” any more than this country is done with Covid-19. Thank you for your excellent work.

  72. Dan Westphal

    Keep up the Corona blogs. Thanks!

  73. David Wieland

    I can’t recall how I found your blog, but it was definitely in regard to the pandemic. Your seemingly sudden about-face on lock-down soon after that initial post was startling — and somewhat puzzling. But all the coverage since then has been nothing but helpful in understanding the difference between media claims and scientific research. Please continue.
    I’ve also gained important information about regenerative procedures, a topic that I knew nothing about previously. If I reach the point that knee replacement is suggested for me, I’ll be willing to look for regenerative treatment, even if I can’t get it here in Canada. (Happily, it seems that some dietary adjustments and increased exercise have given my 74-year-old knees improved function for now.)

  74. Don Speakman

    I think you did a fantastic job giving us logic unbiased information that was sound and accurate. To me you were a much better source than the media. I think the overall negativity of the media is a tremendous problem in America today! Thanks and keep on blogging.

  75. K. C. Roberts

    I’ve enjoyed and forwarded your blog to colleagues, patients and friends regarding coronavirus.

  76. David Thomson

    When the topics of science and medicine become politicized, people need a beacon. For me, you have been that beacon from the CCP Virus. There are so many “experts” out there that have an opinion on the issue du jour that the facts can get lost in the noise. I feel that you are a voice that I can trust, simply because you do not tell me what I should think; you show me the information that you have studied and ask me to make up my own mind. That is rare in today’s society. Please continue challenging the political narratives with hard facts and reason. Thank you for being here for us.

  77. Sergio

    Please continue writing about coronavirus. Your perspective, analytical and scientific data driven view is fresh air on today’s end-of-the-world media news. You not only provide a different point of view to the common media news, you add sources and research to support your analysis and conclusions. Lastly, you are not alone. There are many other doctors, scientists and journalists that are trying to get the similar message to patients and everyone in general. These dont usually show in the news, but they do exist. Please continue writing about the topic. Thanks.

  78. Bill Shipley

    Please continue to separate fact from fiction. There is too much BS out there and it needs to be refuted.

  79. bob

    Yes, love the data driven summary analysis!

  80. Jani Rollins

    I like the corona topic and how you are handling it. I appreciate the time you put in picking apart the studies!!! Alternating those topics with orthobiologics works great for me. Thanks!

  81. Margaret Sanders

    Keep going

  82. Ronald S Schultz

    I appreciate your methods! You report using peer-reviewed references.
    Perhaps the media and other politically-driven experts can learn something.
    Those frauds were taught the way to report the truth, so, they know what they are doing as they press their personal agendas.
    As a true expert might say, ‘Follow the Money!!’.

  83. Randy Ice PT, CCS

    Keep doing what you do………seek the TRUTH that is absent in the rest of Media land.

  84. Rob L Stout

    I have very much appreciated the Corona updates. I like to see information backed by science, whether it is Corona or orthopedics or pharmaceutical scams. Keep up the good work.

  85. Thomas A Chamberlain, DC

    please continue with the “covid con”

  86. Karon

    I have total faith that you speak the truth as you know it to be. If any information changed, you’d be the first to inform us. Your reports are obviously fact based. You always share your sources. I believe your motivation is to educate. If a reader isn’t interested in a topic, they are certainly free to skip over it. I’m interested in any info you care to share on coronavirus and most other topics you research. Thank you for being a voice we can count on!

  87. David Watts

    Keep talking about Covid-19 and cutting through the nonsense. Keep informing us with rational, scientific analysis – instead of the normal diet we get everywhere else – of junk-media, panic-inducing sensationalism. Please continue your good work.

  88. Dave

    Pleae keep blogging on the Coronavirus – your considered opinion and information is very valuable! The interspacing with your regular topics is perfect, and I enjoy reading your regenerative medicine topics as well (I did not know much about it when I started reading your blog.

  89. Diane Conkright

    It is truly a great thing to hear an educated “take” on what is going on WRT the virus and other health related subjects that you help us understand. I do not trust the media….they seem to thrive on the worst possible stuff they can spew to make everyone miserable and afraid. I have read all of your blogs since I found out about them when I began my first experience with your team in the Caymans. Thank you.

  90. Rich Hale Sr

    Please keep me informed on the virus. I enjoy the straight talk without the BS. Your work is greatly appreciated!

  91. Mercedes Brennan

    I love your corona virus articles! Please keep them coming!

  92. David Davenport

    One suggestion: Write a Regenexx blog entry about the merits or demerits of nicotinamide riboside supplementation.

  93. Peter Steidl

    I like to see both the Corona Virus no and the articles on regenerative medicine. There is a lot of miss information from the media about this virus; your arts with research info are interesting and informative.

  94. Klaus Buechner

    I have been following your blog both before and ever since the successful intervention on my knee menisci (you did the injections on Grand Cayman in 2012). I have been instrumental in sending others to Regenexx and had booked a booster procedure at the Regenexx clinic in Miami when the pandemic struck. Since I am Canadian I had no choice but to scramble home in mid March. In other words I am a fan who resonates with your views on orthopaedics.

    Conversely your postings on the pandemic are a turn off for me. You are clearly not an expert in the field of epidemiology. Your comparison of Sweden to the US was almost tragic! The US response to this pandemic has been amongst the worst globally; with the possible exception of Brazil and Sweden. So yes the patterns look similar; but only because the US really messed it up! Both Sweden and the US are ramping again! You quoted the expert in Noway, but chose not to quote the expert in Sweden who has voiced regrets about their chosen approach.

    As a Canadian I have no political axe to grind! As an engineer and mathematician I remind you of the old maxim “that figures can lie and liars can figure”. Please do not fall into this trap.

    1. Chris Centeno, MD Post author

      Klaus, the purpose of the blog on corona, just like this blog on any subject, is to dig deep on a topic. Hence, while I may include an occasional quote, 90% of what I do is to find the data under the headlines and evaluate it. Unlike your local newspaper, I don’t construct a narrative from quotes from university talking heads (who each have their own agenda), but based on the data underneath that narrative. On Sweden, that will be part of an upcoming blog on our corona endgame-meaning what are we doing as a society and why? What is the public health goal of a shutdown? Prepare our hospitals? Allow some deaths while keeping the economy going? Allow no deaths while destroying the economy? All of these are choices and all need to be vetted.

  95. DavefromLA

    Occasional corona content is fine.

  96. Teri Jacobs

    I love the COVID-19 blogging and would love to see it continue.

  97. ofer

    dear dr centeno
    your articles about cocona virus is giving a single winged bird,
    two wings for all readers.
    Your theatrical writing in scientific subjects is a pleasure to read.
    you are not only a dr but a real scientist who is interested in helping and curious to understand and developing continually,
    opening new paths that will be used in centuries to come.
    people might not remember you. but we have the honor of knowing you first hand.
    you are an island of light and innovation while other islands are still in the dark ages.
    I pray, the love you send across the oceans will come to you in ship loads of clients.
    I’m looking forward to the various therapies you offer.

  98. Amy Winn

    Dr Centeno, my Chiropractor sent your link to all of her patients the 3rd week of March describing you as “a truly brilliant man and scientist”! She stated you were an integral part of her Board Certification in Craniocervical Junction Procedures over the past 3 years. Each week since, I have looked forward to and read your blog. You use true scientific data from what appears to be reliable resources – at least the resources tout they are – and communicate them in such a consumer friendly way. Also, I have learned so much about why one shouldn’t have orthopedic surgery when there are better options such as Regenexx stem cell procedure. Please continue to blog on Regenexx stem cell, orthopedic conditions and COVID-19. Thank you!

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