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Join us on Wednesday, December 16th at 12:30 p.m. MT for a free, live webinar hosted by Regenexx founder Dr. Chris Centeno.


Are you suffering from hip osteoarthritis, avascular necrosis, labrum tear, tendon tear, hip bursitis, or other degenerative problems related to the hip?

Regenexx may be just what you need to treat your pain without surgery!

Join Dr. Chris Centeno WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 16th at 12:30 p.m. MT, to understand how Regenexx interventional orthopedic procedures provide a non-surgical option for many suffering from chronic hip conditions.


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Have you been told that steroid injections or invasive surgery are your only options to treat your hip pain? Interventional orthopedics provides a non-surgical alternative that uses your own cells to repair the damage.

Hip pain can be very difficult to deal with on a day-to-day basis and traditionally requires long-term pain management if the underlying causes of the pain are not corrected. Hip replacement surgery and hip resurfacing are often the only surgical options presented to a patient to deal with their debilitating pain, though hip surgeries are typically traumatic and are often followed by months of pain and discomfort while the joint redevelops strength and mobility.

Arthroscopic surgeries for hip impingement aimed at preventing arthritis by eliminating bone spurs and reshaping the hip perform no better than no surgery. Moreover, hip surgery in general typically won’t increase your activity level. Regenexx uses your own Platelets and Stem Cells to promote your body’s healing response.
At Regenexx we invented a new approach to orthopedic care we call Interventional Orthopedics. This approach involves the use of image guidance (fluoroscopy and ultrasound) to precisely place high-dose stem cells or platelets from your body directly where they are needed in a specific joint structure. These cells then work in the site of your injury to grow into new, healthy tissue, a process that will only occur if the cells have been placed exactly where they need to go in order to achieve positive outcomes for the patient. This precise approach to orthopedic care can’t be replicated by a surgeon or nurse in a chiropractor’s office. Interventional Orthopedics requires thousands of hours of training following a standardized protocol process to become a licensed Regenexx physician.

The innovative Regenexx procedures restore hip function and mobility and decrease pain without the need for surgery by regenerating damaged tissue. During this outpatient procedure, our expert physicians use precise image guidance to inject custom concentrations of your body’s natural healing mechanisms into the exact areas of damage to tighten and stabilize your hip joint for better function and mobility.

Avoid Surgery with Regenexx

You have other options when it comes to treating hip pain. Interventional orthopedics provides a non-surgical alternative that uses your own cells to repair the damage. It uses precise image-guided injections of your own body’s healing agents that can help repair tissue. Register for our webinar to learn more.

Webinar presenter: Chris Centeno, M.D.
Webinar time: Wednesday, December 16th at 12:30 p.m. MT


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