Dr. Dan Williams - Carmel, IN

755 W Carmel Drive, Suite 211
Carmel, IN 46032

755 W Carmel Drive, Suite 211, Carmel, IN 46032


Dr. Daniel Williams, DO, is a board certified osteopathic physician, trained in medical acupuncture, functional medicine, prolotherapy (Hackett Hemwall Technique), platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP), and other regenerative medicine techniques.

In November of 2017, Dr. Dan was selected to join the American Osteopathic Association senior management team as the Vice President of Certifying Board Services.

Dr. Dan became fascinated with healing at an early age. He developed a passion for the holistic approach applied in ancient Chinese medicine. This would lead him to master integrated, lasting techniques for healing using natural and restorative medicine. Upon graduation, he began traveling internationally to apprentice and learn techniques from the most renowned holistic doctors in the world.

An astute and passionate practitioner, Dr. Dan has authored several board review products, and assisted with NIH-funded (National Institutes of Health) research about the effects of osteopathic manipulation on pain.

Areas treated: Cervical Spine (except CCI), Elbow, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, Hip, Knee, Lumbar Spine, Shoulder, Thoracic Spine

Areas Treated

Cervical Spine (except CCI), Elbow, Foot & Ankle, Hand & Wrist, Hip, Knee, Lumbar Spine, Shoulder, Thoracic Spine

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