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Meniscus Repair Without Surgery

Meniscus tears are one of the most common knee problems in the U.S. In young people, they are usually caused by a traumatic twisting injury. In older people, in addition to traumatic injury, tears are often caused by weakness of the meniscus caused by degenerative changes in the knee joint.

The treatment options most often prescribed by orthopedic surgeons involve surgery.

Whether patients have a partial meniscus “clean-up” procedure or a complete meniscectomy, outcomes are often unsuccessful1. Both procedures change knee biomechanics and may set you up for knee arthritis later in life. The research shows that surgery for a torn meniscus is overprescribed and often no more effective than physical therapy. Unfortunately, patients are not always informed of the low success rate of these procedures. 

Regenexx Alternative to Knee Meniscus Surgery / Meniscectomy

Yes, the meniscus is a viable living tissue. There are parts of the meniscus with good blood circulation, and tears in those areas heal best.

Physical therapy alone has been shown to be effective in healing some tears but frequently, the meniscus and the body need a helping hand to facilitate and speed up the process. That’s where stem cells come in, they can help your body use its own healing abilities to treat the tear and avoid surgery2.

The meniscus had been torn quite severely as the result of playing hockey with my kids. I am happy to report that with your help and lots of prayer I am 99% healed.

Hockey-loving father — Full patient story.

Note: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate. Not all patients will experience the same results.
Woman in telemedicine consult with physician to see if she's a candidate for Regenexx for knee osteoarthritis.

Regenexx procedures are non-surgical treatments that help your body use its own healing agents to treat meniscus tears and other injuries3. Our patients benefit from reduced pain and improved function4.

Am I a candidate?

Our nonsurgical repair protocols include mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy (PRP). Regenexx physicians customize treatments based on the individual to ensure each person gets the relief they need.

By and large, knee surgeries require months of recovery and, frequently, additional months of painful rehabilitation to regain strength and function. The exact length of this recovery varies with the type and severity of the tear, the procedure performed, and the patient’s health status, but it can be as long as six months.

Regenexx stem cell treatments are intended to help avoid the side effects of surgery and support the healthy cushioning environment that the meniscus provides for your knee. Generally, the recovery time is much faster than with surgery, and patients can return to normal daily activity levels within a number of weeks and to more active sports within a few months.

“She just played in a basketball tournament this last weekend, and for the first time in nearly a year, was able to play 100% pain-free.”

High school basketball parent — Full patient story.

Note: Like all medical procedures, Regenexx procedures have a success and failure rate. Not all patients will experience the same results.
Visual representation of regenerative medicine

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Take a look at the outcomes of three of our patients who chose to have a precise injection of their own stem cells into their meniscus instead of surgery.

Scroll the arrow to the right to see the MRI of the meniscus before the treatment and to the left to see the outcome. The BEFORE shows a torn meniscus. Once treated, the area will look like a dark band going diagonally, as seen on the AFTER.

Patient 1 MRI

Patient 2 MRI

Regenexx’s stem cell protocol is supported by more than a decade of experience, published research, and patient outcomes. We maintain an active national patient registry to track patients’ progress and/or side effects after the procedure.

On average, Regenexx knee meniscus patients report*:

  • Regaining averages of up to 74% function5
  • A 47% decrease in joint pain after one month6
Graphic of Regenexx meniscus procedure outcomes
Graphic of Regenexx meniscus procedure pain outcomes

*Outcomes accessed on January, 2021. View full up-to-date outcomes here.

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