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ACL Tear Repair Without Surgery

Avoid ACL Surgery

Do you have an MRI-confirmed partial or complete tear of the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and have been told surgery is your only option?

Perc-ACLR (percutaneous ACL repair), is Regenexx’s  patented stem cell procedure developed to treat full and partial anterior cruciate ligament tears non-surgically. ACL tears are one of the more common knee injuries we treat, and many non-retracted full and partial tears can be treated in all but the most serious cases.

The procedure is a highly precise X-ray guided injection of your own concentrated stem cells and can be completed in one day. It is far less invasive than surgery, and generally requires far shorter recovery times.

Repair of ACL tear without surgery

Procedure InvasivenessMuch lessMuch more
Return to Sports3 to 6 months1 year
Keep your ACLYesNO
RecoveryBrace, much less extensive PTCrutches, brace, extensive PT

Research has also shown that ACL sprains and even complete ACL tears can regrow and heal on their own,2 particularly if interventional orthopedic procedures such as the Perc-ACLR procedure are utilized. These techniques do not require surgery and employ your body’s natural healing agents to repair your ACL injury. So, if your body can heal your ACL naturally, why would you choose surgery?

See If Regenexx Is Right for You

Here are the outcomes of three patients who had Regenexx knee Perc-ACLR procedures instead of surgery. Scroll the arrow to the right to see the MRI of the ACL before the treatment and to the left to see the outcome.

The BEFORE shows a torn ACL. The area should be a dark band going diagonally, as shown on the AFTER.

Patient 1 MRI

Patient 2 MRI

Patient 3 MRI

The Regenexx knee Perc-ACLR procedure uses the healing properties of your own stem cells to promote healing at the site of your ACL injury. The procedure usually occurs over the course of one day. During the stem cell procedure a local anesthetic is applied, allowing the physician to obtain a small amount of bone marrow using precise imaging guidance. This is a specialized extraction technique that is unique to Regenexx and usually takes 30 to 40 minutes.

Once the marrow is drawn and processed by a Regenexx lab technician, you will have time to relax before the reinjection of the harvested stem cells into your ACL, which is done after three to six hours. Specialized stem cell-friendly local anesthesia is applied before the reinjection using real-time imaging guidance, which in this case is fluoroscopy. MRI imaging along with X-ray contrast is used to carefully map the torn ligament during the procedure, providing a “roadmap” for the doctor to implant the stem cells into the damaged areas of the ligament. This part usually takes about 40 minutes to an hour. Patients may be asked to stay in the clinic 30 to 60 minutes after reinjection.

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