Arthroscopic surgery

Arthroscopic surgery is a minimally invasive procedure used to diagnose and treat joint problems. It involves the use of a small camera, called an arthroscope, which is inserted into the joint through a small incision. This allows surgeons to view the joint on a monitor and perform necessary repairs with specialized instruments, all through tiny incisions. Arthroscopic surgery is commonly used on joints such as the knee, shoulder, and hip.

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Knee Replacement Failures in the News

Most patients believe that a knee replacement is like replacing a worn out or broken part in your car. However, these past few years news stories have begun to appear that show the reality of what’s really happening in patients. Let’s dig in. Danette’s Story This appeared in the Washington Post about a woman with…read more

ACL Reconstruction Surgery Is a Second Hit to the Cartilage: Time to Rethink Orthopedics?

ACL reconstruction (ACLR) surgery is a sacred cow of modern orthopedic sports medicine. Most surgeons view it as the first major advancement in that specialty beyond the use of the arthroscope itself. However, this has been an awful decade for orthopedic surgical research with study after study showing that common surgeries are ineffective or harmful.…read more

The Serious Long-Term Effects of ACL Reconstruction Surgery

On this page: Long-term effects of ACL reconstruction surgery Nerve interaction with ligaments like the ACL Research on the ACL and the gamma loop We tend to take for granted that our bodies are finely tuned machines and complex neural circuitry allows them to do the amazing things we’re designed to do. A 2011 study…read more

Why It’s Time to Rethink Arthroscopy Shoulder Surgery

Dr. Centeno breaks down arthroscopy shoulder surgery, why it might be performed, and why you might want to rethink this surgery.

Is Teen Knee Surgery Appropriate? Do Not Operate on a Meniscus Tear in an 8th Grader

One of the more harmful trends in orthopedic surgery of the last decade is treating kids like they are pro athletes. So this morning I’ll share the case of an 8th grader who tore a meniscus and began a destructive surgical rabbit hole orchestrated by the world’s best orthopedic surgeons. There are no two ways…read more

Loose Hip Joint? It Could be Your Ligamentum Teres

Since we invented orthopedic stem cell injections at Regenexx, we still do a lot of inventing. Our physicians are constantly innovating so that we can replace invasive surgeries with precise injections. This morning I’d like to discuss how a precise X-ray guided injection of the ligamentum teres can help patients with a loose hip joint.…read more

Hip Labral Tear? Causes of Pain After Hip Arthroscopy

On this page: Increases in hip arthroscopy rates Portal syndrome Other things that can cause hip pain Patient story of hip pain after surgery The animated GIF below may drive you a bit nutty if you watch it long enough, but it’s crucial nonetheless. Arthroscopic hip surgery to treat a labral tear is frequently billed…read more

Suffering from a Meniscus Tear? Why Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Isn’t the Answer

For several decades in orthopedic care, the traditional solution to meniscus tears has been to identify them on an MRI and cut out the offending piece. While there’s little doubt that meniscus degeneration is at play in the cascade of knee arthritis, how all of this works is not so well understood. Now, a new study…read more
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