Explore the world of NSAIDs (Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs) through our informative blog series. We explore the uses and potential risks of these commonly prescribed medications, offering valuable insights for patients and healthcare providers seeking effective non-pharmaceutical pain management solutions.

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The Vagus Nerve, Inflammation, and the Neck: How are They Connected?

In my traditional medical education, there were nerves and there was a phenomenon called inflammation, and the two were never interrelated. Inflammation happened because of trauma or a chemical pathway that went haywire in diseases like rheumatoid arthritis, and nerves were activated to retrieve information like the sensation or to tell a body part what…read more

Traditional Medicine’s Approach to Treating Knee Arthritis is Blowing Up

Three new studies have recently been added to many others that our current traditional treatment of knee arthritis is probably hurting more people than it’s helping. So let’s explore this morning what’s up. Let’s also explore how you can protect yourself from the medical care system potentially making your arthritis worse. What are the Most…read more

Tylenol and PRP: Is the Tylenogeddon Warranted?

This past few weeks, a new research article suggested that taking Tylenol with a PRP shot may be a bad thing. I’ve been a bit too busy this month to get into this as a blog topic, but with the craziness winding down, it’s time to review this new paper. Let’s dive in. Why Perform…read more

The NSAID Apples to Apples Dilemma

One of the things we often do to help patient outcomes before, during, and after a regenerative medicine procedure is to restrict certain medications we know can hurt healing or the cells we’re using. One of the more common things we do is to take patients off NSAID drugs. However, that often creates a conundrum…read more

NSAIDs Side Effects: When You Take NSAIDs is Critical

We know so little about medicine and the body. That’s quite a statement made in the early 21st century when we believe we know so much. However, there isn’t a month that goes by that doesn’t wreck some sacred procedure or medical belief. This month’s medical “Saay Whaaat” is about new NSAID side effects. Taking…read more

Regenexx Reviews: Do Orthobiologics Always Work?

On this page: Published data Highlighted treatment failures What we’re doing to avoid treatment failures The financial case One of the things that I have always tried to do is to intermittently highlight patients that fail our treatments. Why? Because we don’t do magic pixie dust. We offer medical procedures with success and failure rates…read more

Is Aspirin Use Sabotaging Your PRP Treatment?

We’ve all been told for many years that we need to take an aspirin a day to help prevent heart attacks. Hence, there are many people that take this drug every day. However, given that aspirin is a blood thinner, does it impact the way your platelets work? If so, does that change the way…read more

Are NSAIDs Causing Stress Fractures?

Dr. Centeno reviews a new study that investigates the potential connections between NSAID use in US military troops and stress fractures.
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