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Medical facilities are the backbone of healthcare delivery, providing essential services from routine check-ups to complex surgeries. Our blog series explores the design, management, and technological advancements in medical facilities, highlighting their impact on patient care and healthcare efficiency.

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An Exosome Sales Pitch: Separating Fact from Fiction

I often blog about what I see out there or what people send me. In this case, an exosome sales rep recently hit up a physician colleague. Let’s dive into what the rep wrote and said and debunk many of these claims. Sales Reps You can divide sales reps into two categories. The first is…read more

Birth Tissue Injection Medicare Clawback Quickly Expands to the ENTIRE Nation

Yesterday I discussed that the Medicare Administrator for the state of Florida had decided to claw back all payments for birth tissue injections going back to 2019. I theorized that it wouldn’t be long until the other Medicare regions did the same. Well here we are a day later and I have now learned that…read more

Amniotic and Placental Injection Medicare Claims Clawbacks Begin

It’s often said that the federal government is like a huge destroyer. It doesn’t turn quickly, but when it points its guns in your direction, you don’t want to be there. I’m sure that’s what thousands of clinics around the country that offered Amniotic and Placental “Medicare Covered” injections are thinking now. Why? The largest…read more

Advanced Medical Integration and Grant Cardone

Advanced Medical Integration came on my radar about a year ago. I’ve written about many players in the chiropractic “stem cell” world and all are pretty much the same. However, AMI wants to be different which somehow involves best selling author Grant Cardone, so are they? Regrettably, in my opinion, they represent the same bait…read more

The One-Sided Nature of Media Reports on Regenerative Medicine: Kaiser and Regenexx

As you may know, we have been successful in getting self-funded health plans to add interventional orthopedic procedures that use orthobiologics. This has been met by many companies with open arms, as they are increasingly struggling to control exploding healthcare costs. For orthobiologic naysayers on the university bench scientist side, this development has been concerning…read more
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