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What Does an Advanced Knee Treatment with Orthobiologics Look Like?

All too often these days, someone with knee pain ends up at a clinic where they blindly inject something into the joint. However, real advanced orthobiologics care using PRP or stem cells involves placing these substances precisely in various parts of the knee. Let’s review of few of those spots: Intra-articular or inside the joint…read more

Are They Really Injecting Your Disc?

I often write about what I experience on a day-to-day basis. One of the more interesting scams out there is a proliferation of ex-US “stem cell” clinics that are telling patients that they are injecting intervertebral discs when, in fact, most are never coming close to placing cells in the disc. Let’s dive into this…read more

Avoiding the Smolex: Understanding the Levels of Spinal Regen Med

I’ve been spending a little time perusing Facebook groups to understand what patients believe and are exposed to daily. As an expert in this area, one of the conclusions is that spine regen med scams are rampant. Today we’ll dive into that problem by helping you learn about the vast difference in provider skill levels…read more

Why is the Thoracic Spine a No Man’s Land?

A patient came in recently to discuss the effects of PRP treatment she received in Canada. Out of that conversation came a common refrain. A Toronto spine specialist didn’t want to repeat her prior very successful thoracic spine interventional treatment that I had done in Colorado. Why? He had never treated this area of the…read more

Fluoroscopy vs Ultrasound for Orthobiologic Spine Procedures

One of the more interesting debates from the past 5 years has been the use of fluoroscopy versus ultrasound guidance in advanced spinal injections. This one gets physicians emotional, as many believe that they can now offer patients the same type of injections using only an ultrasound machine when compared to x-ray guidance. So let’s…read more

What Dual Axis C-arm Fluoroscopy Can Teach Us About Image Guidance

At our Colorado HQ site, we recently brought in dual-axis fluoroscopy. What’s that and what can that teach us about the critical importance of imaging guidance in interventional orthobiologics? Let’s jump in. What is Fluoroscopy? Fluoroscopy is a live x-ray technology. It’s part of the one-two punch of imaging guidance technologies that are required equipment…read more

Is Injecting a Knee Blind Associated with Worse Health Outcomes?

Like a headline from the Onion, I recently read an email describing a big orthopedic surgery conference where a panel was sourced on whether or not you needed ultrasound guidance to inject a knee. While the result of this panel was a LOL moment for many of my colleagues, none of us really knew the…read more

How Do Stem Cells Get from Point A to B?

We’ve known for some time that stem cells can migrate to places they need to be as long as they’re placed in the right general area, but how does that work? Now a Stanford team has figured this out. Let’s dig in. Stem Cells Are Magic? One of the things that drives me crazy is…read more
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