Biotechnology in medicine combines biological knowledge with technological innovations to explore new avenues for healthcare improvement. It involves leveraging living organisms and biological processes to develop diagnostic tools, therapeutic interventions, and preventive measures.

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Burst Biologics Gets and FDA Warning Letter: Claims vs Reality

Yet another Umbilical Cord product manufacturer has received yet another FDA letter. This time it’s Burst Biologics. I thought today that I would use this as an opportunity to show you the difference between what you can find on the web against the reality of what an FDA inspection found on the ground at the…read more

Who Benefits From Doctors Misconstruing Orthobiologic Regulations?

William Fang, near as I can tell, is a grad or medical student at Western University of Health Sciences in Pomona California. I didn’t actually find too much about him. The big question is, “What would a grad student in the sciences know about the complex legal regulation of orthobiologics?” Your guess is as good…read more

Regenarative Labs and Tempting The Flying Ginsu Missile

Last week was big in that Medicare and the Department of Justice began sending out Civil Investigative Demands (CIDs) to health care providers who had billed for amniotic injections to treat arthritis, orthopedic, or spine conditions. I was pretty sure that the birth tissues Medicare scam was dead in the water until of course, a…read more

What Is Bioxcellerator?

Bioxcellerator is a stem cell therapy company using mostly umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells to treat everything from chronic pain to neurological issues, sexual wellness, and rejuvenation. The company has a corporate office in Phoenix, Arizona, but does all of its treatments at their Medellin, Colombia treatment center. The company aggressively markets its services online…read more

Do You Want to Buy a Placenta?

I’ve covered the shady world of birth tissue “stem cell” clinics and tissue suppliers many times. However, a new guide out for expectant mothers covers the procurement of these tissues. As I dug deeper into how that works, I found non-profits acting like for-profits. Let’s dig in. The Birth Tissue Game You’re a new mother…read more

Cellaxys: Buffing Your Resume-Stem Cell Edition

This morning I’d like to review the world of resume buffing that happens with stem cell clinics. While I’ll focus on a clinic called Cellaxys, the issues described here are not unique to that clinic as they occur throughout the Internet. Let’s dig in. Hype in Marketing There’s a scene in Elf where Will Ferrell…read more

What Is R3 Stem Cell?

R3 is a marketing company out of Arizona founded by a defrocked orthopedic surgeon by the name of David Greene. Dr. Greene had his medical license taken away in 2007 because he represented an imminent threat to public health and safety.  After that, he appears to have begun a marketing company focused on healthcare. That…read more

What is Exosome Therapy?

You’ve probably seen that one of the hottest areas of regenerative medicine treatment right now is exosome therapy. So what is exosome therapy? What are exosomes exactly? Do exosomes have something to do with stem cells? How are exosomes made? Let’s dive in. What are Exosomes Exactly? Exosomes are how cells talk to each other…read more
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