Orthopedic Conditions

Orthopedic conditions involve problems with bones, joints, muscles, and related tissues. They encompass a wide range of issues such as fractures, arthritis, sports injuries, and tendonitis.

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Exosomes (Extracellular Vesicles) vs. PRP Used for Treating Orthopedic Problems

A few patients have been asking about using exosomes or extra-cellular vesicles to treat their aches and pains. As an expert in this space, knowing what I know about the research, this request doesn’t make sense. Hence, I wanted to educate everybody about this issue today. Let’s dig in. Facebook Hype Abounds The exosome hype…read more

Why We Should Be Paying More Attention to Macrophages

Way back when in medical school, when the topic of macrophages came up, we learned that they were the garbage men of the body in that they got rid of bacteria and dead tissue. However, less known then was how these large cells assisted in tissue repair. So let’s learn about macrophages and their critical…read more

Periacetabular Osteotomy: Should You Get Hip PAO Surgery?

You find out after a visit to the local orthopedic surgeon’s office that you or your young adult has hip dysplasia. One of the treatments offered is a surgery called PAO. You frantically search the Internet to figure out what that is and whether it’s a good choice. So today let’s explore hip PAO surgery.…read more

Rebutting Misinformation in Orthopedic Journals: Ittleman and Shapiro

Orthobiologic treatments represent a disruptive technology that I have blogged on dozens of times. Given that many patients who used to get invasive orthopedic surgery are now skipping those procedures and instead using interventional orthobiologics, orthopedic surgeons have varied reactions to this new playing field. We’ll explore those issues today in the context of an…read more

VittiLabs, the Sopranos, and an FDA Warning Letter

I’ve blogged quite a bit on the crumbling amniotic and umbilical cord fake stem cell market. Despite peer-reviewed research demonstrating that these products clearly have no stem cells, throughout social media, we still see patients who are getting bombarded by influencers who claim they are loaded with young and vital stem cells. One of the…read more

Why Language from a New FDA Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Warning Letter Is a Big Deal

I’ve covered the stem cell wild west for years. One of the crazier things out was amniotic and umbilical cord tissue vendors claiming to sell “stem cell” products that don’t actually contain any live and functional stem cells. In addition, despite an FDA crackdown on these companies, there are still vendors selling this stuff with…read more

Dr. Centeno Presented at TOBI this Weekend

I lecture around the country at various medical conferences every year. This weekend I was in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida sharing several new research studies from our research team at the TOBI orthobiologics conference. Let’s dig in. Basic Science in Orthobiologics Our lab research team works on several critical projects every year. In fact, as a…read more

Treating Low Back Pain During and After Pregnancy

I’ve seen many patients after pregnancy who have chronic low back pain. In addition, low back pain during pregnancy can also be disabling. So what are the options for treatment? I’ll review that today and go over a recent patient that was treated by our Washington, DC Metro area Regenexx affiliate. Let’s dig in. Low…read more
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