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Medical innovation drives the advancement of healthcare, introducing groundbreaking technologies and treatments that enhance patient outcomes. Our blog series examines the latest developments, from cutting-edge medical devices to revolutionary therapies, highlighting how these innovations are transforming the landscape of modern medicine.

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It Begins: How AI Will Make MRI MUCH More Valuable

In the not-too-distant future, AI will change medicine and make radiologists extinct. In fact, several new research studies show that this AI imaging revolution is already quietly happening. Let’s dig in. Current MRI Imaging is Held Back By Having a Human in the Equation Today’s MRI begins with a patient being placed inside a superconducting…read more

The Alien Abduction Model of DDD: Why Cellular Drug Trial Results Have Been Underwhelming

Let’s say that you’re sleeping one night and get awoken by an alien in your bedroom who takes you back to the mothership for experiments on your low back. That’s pretty much what we’ve been doing with animal degenerative disc disease research for decades. It’s this artificial DDD model that has caused many cell therapy…read more

Can Young Blood Transfusions Make You Younger?

There’s been an experimental result that medical science has known about for a long time that has shaken up our basic understanding of biology. It’s called Heterochronic Parabiosis and it’s basically hooking an old animal up to a younger one. Several existing experiments suggested that this made the old animal younger, but new research questions…read more

Rebutting Misinformation in Orthopedic Journals: Ittleman and Shapiro

Orthobiologic treatments represent a disruptive technology that I have blogged on dozens of times. Given that many patients who used to get invasive orthopedic surgery are now skipping those procedures and instead using interventional orthobiologics, orthopedic surgeons have varied reactions to this new playing field. We’ll explore those issues today in the context of an…read more

Seamonkeys and Oral Stem Cell Pills from New Zealand

I used to love Sea-monkeys as a kid. They would come to life out of a little packet of dehydrated eggs when placed in seawater. An ad this week on Facebook selling oral “live” stem cell pills is claiming that a pill can repair your body using placental stem cells from deer. So is it…read more

Umbilical Cord MSCs Sales 2.0: Using the Expanded Access Program?

You have read here many times about the fraudulent claims of umbilical cord tissue vendors that they are selling products with millions of young and vital mesenchymal stem cells. That was followed by the FDA crackdown last year and all seemed quiet for a while. However, now we’re seeing a new business plan emerge that…read more

Regenexx Corporate Updates: 169,902 and 1,904

Regenexx is the world’s largest specialist-driven orthobiologics network. We’re also almost two decades old. The most exciting thing that’s happened in these past few years is that we continue to add more “corporate overage”. What’s that and why is that important? Let’s dive in. What is Regenexx? Regenexx is an invitation-only, specialist-driven medical network that…read more

Regenexx Snags Yet Another Patent

You may or may not know that Regenexx has a full lab and clinical research team that’s constantly pushing the envelope of what we know in Orthobiologics. Those teams generate new concepts for treatments and sometimes all of that ends up generating a new patent. This morning let’s go over how that works through a…read more
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