Chronic pain

Chronic pain persists for extended periods, usually over three to six months, beyond the normal healing time. It can stem from various conditions and affects physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Unlike acute pain, chronic pain may persist long after initial injuries have healed, impacting daily life and functioning.

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The Low Back Pain Circulus in Probando Experiment

What if you lied to your patients about what was wrong with them? Meaning, what if you told them there was nothing wrong when you as the doctor had no idea if that was accurate? What impact would that have on them? That was recently studied in an RCT on the biopsychosocial model of pain…read more

Umbilical Cord MSCs Sales 2.0: Using the Expanded Access Program?

You have read here many times about the fraudulent claims of umbilical cord tissue vendors that they are selling products with millions of young and vital mesenchymal stem cells. That was followed by the FDA crackdown last year and all seemed quiet for a while. However, now we’re seeing a new business plan emerge that…read more

Analyzing CCI Procedure Failures: The SpaceX Approach

[The above video is a summary of this blog.] In any real medical procedure, there are always analyses of why patients fail to respond. This week I went through that process for a unique procedure I developed to help patients suffering from Craniocervical Instability (CCI). Let’s dig into that analysis and learn what it tells…read more

New Research on Eye Movement and Memory May Impact Chronic Neck Pain Patients

Exactly how we create memories has always been an evolving science. Now a new research study pulls back the curtain on a really interesting part of the puzzle involving eye movements. In fact, this new data may explain why many patients with chronic upper neck pain have brain fog and memory issues. Let’s dig in.…read more

Could a New Hydrogel Help DDD?

Degenerative disc disease or DDD is a common problem. While lots of therapies have been discussed, there is still no reliable way to grow people a new disc. A recent small study on an injectable hydrogel was recently hyped in the media as maybe solving this issue? Let’s review that new data. What is DDD?…read more

New Lab Research Doesn’t Help Improve Prolotherapy

A colleague recently sent me a lab-based study that claims that the standard solution used for ligament and tendon prolotherapy should be lowered in concentration. Since that would be a big deal, I decided to take a deep dive into the study. What I found was that the study is not helpful in determining whether…read more

Mark’s Rotator Cuff Tear and Amazing Bench Press

I’m an amateur weightlifter. Meaning I got to a certain point of strength and decided that my aging body and frame had hit their max. However, I have great respect for the guys that have the desire and frame to really explore what the human body is capable of lifting. Hence, I’d like to highlight…read more

Why Tight Pecs and Shoulder Pain Could Be a Canary in the Coalmine of the Neck

Way back when, miners would take small birds into the mines, as they were sensitive to changes in oxygen and gas levels that could threaten these workers’ lives. Hence, the phrase, “canary in the coalmine” was born. This past month, with all of the graduations and events I had to attend, my left shoulder and…read more
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