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The healthcare industry comprises organizations and professionals devoted to delivering medical services and treatment to individuals. It plays a crucial role in promoting public health, addressing medical needs, and advancing research to enhance patient outcomes.

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SI Joint Fusion: A Case Study of Why Healthcare Costs Are Out of Control

If you’re a company in the healthcare cost containment space, your chances of seriously bending down the cost curve are slim, and none, and “Slim’s on vacation in Texas.” What I mean is that many great ventures have tried to control healthcare costs, and all have failed to make meaningful dents because they approach the…read more

Stem Cell Institute of America Loses FTC Case

If you have read this blog for years, you probably remember Stem Cell Institute of America. They were a chiro clinic that bombed the airwaves across the country, selling miracle cure “stem cell” treatments offered at chiropractic offices by midlevels. A new entry has been logged in that saga, with the FTC winning its case…read more

VittiLabs, the Sopranos, and an FDA Warning Letter

I’ve blogged quite a bit on the crumbling amniotic and umbilical cord fake stem cell market. Despite peer-reviewed research demonstrating that these products clearly have no stem cells, throughout social media, we still see patients who are getting bombarded by influencers who claim they are loaded with young and vital stem cells. One of the…read more

The RegenLabs Saga Continues…

Frankly, at this point, my favorite saying, “You just can’t make this stuff up” keeps proving true so often, that even I’m astounded. This morning we’ll delve deeper into a company that I thought frankly would be long since gone by now, but continues to impress me with what I consider hijinks and insanity. So…read more

Why Language from a New FDA Amniotic and Umbilical Cord Warning Letter Is a Big Deal

I’ve covered the stem cell wild west for years. One of the crazier things out was amniotic and umbilical cord tissue vendors claiming to sell “stem cell” products that don’t actually contain any live and functional stem cells. In addition, despite an FDA crackdown on these companies, there are still vendors selling this stuff with…read more

Regenexx Corporate Updates: 169,902 and 1,904

Regenexx is the world’s largest specialist-driven orthobiologics network. We’re also almost two decades old. The most exciting thing that’s happened in these past few years is that we continue to add more “corporate overage”. What’s that and why is that important? Let’s dive in. What is Regenexx? Regenexx is an invitation-only, specialist-driven medical network that…read more

US Stemology and Dr. Tami to Pay Consumers 500K

I’ve blogged many times about US Stemology and Dr. Tami in Seattle. This clinic was recently sued by the State of Washington and they just announced a $500,000 settlement. What can we learn from this? Let’s dig in. The Stem Cell Wild West The evolving world of regenerative medicine has always existed in two defined…read more

Our Field Has Lost a Visionary and Friend

Gerry Malanga, M.D. passed away yesterday morning. I wanted to write about Gerry this morning as our field has lost a larger-than-life figure, one who worked tirelessly, like many have, to make sure that every person on this planet can one day get access to Interventional Orthobiologics. Let me explain. Physicians and End of Life…read more
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